The People of Lut and The City which was Turned Upside Down
“The Obvious Signs” in the Lake of Lut

Pompeii Had a Similar End 

The People of ‘Ad and Ubar, the Atlantis of the Sands
The Archaeological Findings of the City of Iram

The People of ‘Ad

Hadramites, the descendants of ‘Ad

The Springs and the Gardens of ‘Ad

How were ‘Ad ruined?

Fir’awn Who Was Drowned
The Authority of the Pharaohs

Religious Beliefs 

The Monotheistic Pharaoh Amenhotep IV 

The Coming of the Prophet Musa

Fir’awn’s Palace

The Disasters That Befell Fir’awn and His Close Circle

Exodus from Egypt

Did the incident take place on the Mediterranean Coasts of Egypt, or in the Red Sea?

The Drowning of Fir’awn and His Men in the Sea