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 O ye who believe! Devour not usury, doubled and multiplied; but fear Allah.
that ye may (really) prosper. Qur'an 3:130 (Arabic) - Recite  

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Following is an analysis of the 30 companies forming the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), from the Muslim point of view.
Company Symbol/Quote Comments
Alcoa AA  
American Express AXP American Express derives much of its income from interest and therefore would be objected to by most Muslims.
AT&T T  
Boeing BA  
Caterpillar CAT  
Coca-Cola KO  
Citigroup C Citigroup derives much of its income from interest and therefore would be objected to by most Muslims.
Disney DIS  
DuPont DD  
Eastman Kodak EK  
Exxon Mobil XOM  
General Electric GE  
General Motors GM Although General Motors is a motor vehicle manufacturer, it operates a large financing operations to loan customer the money for buying cars. Therefore, it may be objected to by most Muslims.
Hewlett-Packard HWP  
Home Depot HD  
Honeywell HON  
Intel INTC  
International Paper IP  
Johnson & Johnson JNJ  
McDonald's MCD It is best to stay away from food companies, since there is almost always pork components (Burger with Bacon!). 
Merck MRK  
Microsoft MSFT  
3M MMM  
JP Morgan JPM JP Morgan is a financial powerhouse, and thus most of its income comes from interest based investment. This would be objected to by most Muslims.
Philip Morris MO Philip Morris is mainly a tobacco company, which most Muslims would find unacceptable as investment.
Proctor & Gamble PG  
SBC Communications SBC  
United Tech UTX  
Wal-Mart WMT
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