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One million will visit during Ramadan alone.

If each one of our visitors donated just one dollar, IslamiCity could easily sustain itself. But most importantly we could grow the education and outreach efforts that you rely on every day. Yet only a small percentage of our visitors contribute throughout the year and during routine fundraising activities.

Ramadan is the ideal time to express your generosity!

Every year, tens of millions of dollars are spent to spread hate against Islam and Muslims.

This Ramadan, help IslamiCity reach our goal.  With Allah's blessing your zakah will have 70 times the impact in prompting understanding and peace:

* Make sadaqah to a worthy cause
* Spread the message of Islam
* Counter misinformation and Islamophobia.

Yes! I will help today!

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Thank you and may Allah (swt) reward you for your kindness and support.  JazakAllah Khayran.

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