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September 27, 2022 | Rabi` Al-Awwal 2, 1444
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The Mosque of Rome 10/13/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:53575
The Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque of Rome is one of the largest mosques in Europe and can accommodate 12,000 people ..
The Great Mosque of Paris 10/12/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:53534
The Great Mosque of Paris was the very first mosque to be built in France, and it was initially constructed in honor of the French Arab community that fought in the World War I ..
Visiting the Islamic Society of Boston 9/21/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:53150
The Islamic Society of Boston is a cultural landmark and continues to grow into a cultural center that is the largest Islamic center in New England ..
The Islamic Center in Washington D.C.- A Place to Appreciate 9/21/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:53151
The oldest Islamic house of worship in the city, the Islamic Center in Washington D.C. is a symbol of Islam in America ..
Islamic Cultural Center of New York 9/8/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:52922
One of the more architecturally interesting buildings in New York City, the Islamic Cultural Center is often called the "96th Street Mosque" or the "New York Mosque."
Islam's Path East: China 4/14/2008 - islamicity.com - Ref:4787
Reflect the enduring vitality of a faith born in the deserts of Arabia and spread across Central Asia and India, all the way to China's Pacific shores. And that is only its diffusion in one direction: eastward.
Islamic Tour to China 7/16/2002 - islamicity.com - Ref:5066
Explore and experience the cultural, historic and intellectual legacy of the Muslim civilization in China. Participate in a unique tour to China during Aug. 4 - 17, 2002.

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