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July 30, 2021 | Dhul-Hijjah 21, 1442
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Comment of the Week 6/28/2013 - islamicity.com - Ref:71936
I have learned so much about Islam, it doesn't seem threatening and foreign to me any more. I have been coming to this site since 2009. [Sheila from California, USA]
Comment of the Week 11/9/2012 - islamicity.com - Ref:67909
I love reading the Quran it's very interesting. I feel so at peace while reading those beautiful words. I'm in the process of converting to Islam and I welcome all information that's available on this. [Bonnee from Kentucky, USA]
Comment of the Week 9/14/2012 - islamicity.com - Ref:66867
Every time I feel sad or hollowness in my chest, it's your articles that fills that void and brings that smile on my face as if I am not alone. As if Allah is with me, watching over me. I just don't have enough words to describe. [Jaffa from Jeddah]
Comment of the Week 5/17/2012 - islamicity.com - Ref:64856
I would like to receive a copy of the Holy Qu'ran in it's sacred language, Arabic, and in English translation because I would like to learn more about Islam and I am learning how to read in Arabic .. Thank you for taking your time in reading this and may God always give you strength everyday my friends .. [Rafael from New York]
Comment of the Week 12/8/2011 - islamicity.com - Ref:61807
I have been searching for the right path. Islam speaks to my heart. I have studied many other faiths, but none ring true. Islam does. [Maria from Florida]
Comment of the Week 9/28/2011 - islamicity.com - Ref:60450
I am obviously not of your faith, but I wish you and your families peace and happiness and pray that someday all of earth's peoples will be able to accept one another and live in harmony .. [Nikki from Missouri]
Comment of the Week 5/27/2011 - islamicity.com - Ref:58097
Although we are Christians, my wife and I are disgusted with the fear and prejudice against Islam that seems to be prevalent in the United States today. I believe that the best way to combat this fear and prejudice is through learning and listening .. [David from Pennsylvania]
Comment of the Week 2/18/2011 - islamicity.com - Ref:55977
I accepted Islam and took shahada with IslamiCity, since then my lifestyle has changed tremendously for the better and because of that I have been an inspiration to some of my family members and friends who now have sought out and seek Islam. I referred them to go to this website which has been an excellent inspiration, resource and, source of knowledge for me in learning the truth as I continue to learn. [Dionne from Chicago]
Comment of the Week 1/18/2011 - islamicity.com - Ref:55277
I have accepted the Qur'an as truth from God. I worship him and him alone and join with him no partners for he is far removed from begetting a son. I accept that I have no intercessor on my behalf and no one who can bear my burdens should God warrant me adversity. I accept the fire should I turn away from God after the truth has been revealed to me. [Patrice from New Orleans]
Comment of the Week 12/5/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:54482
This is the best Muslim website I have come across. Not only does it explain the principle and teachings of Islam to the fullest but it gives an open arm to people that are not Muslims. It reveals the mysteries and absurd attitudes some countries show towards Islam .. [Rashydah from Lagos]
Comment of the Week 10/1/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:53340
Thank you for making these holy texts available online. Thank you also for providing the other information, thus inviting those who wish to have it to learn about Islam. Thanks to God and to all Muslims for their forbearance in these times of prejudice and hate. [Bruce from Downey, CA]
Comment of the Week 7/26/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:52124
I am very interested in learning the truth about Islam, what I have gathered from this website shows a viewpoint that I myself have always held, that of honor, respect for one's family, and charity towards people that are not as fortunate. [Michael from Salt Lake City, UT]
Comment of the Week 4/30/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:50604
Concise and excellent narration. It's strike cord with me. Lately, I have been checking on a comprehensive yet summary of my belief, now I got it. May Allah bless the one who put this up. IslamiCity good job! [Umma from U.S.]
Comment of the Week 1/8/2010 - islamicity.com - Ref:48487
I really do enjoy going to IslamiCity every single day. Because, I always feel as though I am learning something, Mashallah. Thanks IslamiCity for this nice article. I pray that our brothers and sisters will stay on the right path. [Sr. Fatimah from Canada]
Comment of the Week 10/9/2009 - islamicity.com - Ref:46816
IslamiCity continues to show us that there are so many people out there striving for the proper way of life, ISLAM, even those who are non-Muslim are seeking the same too and Insha'allah they will get there. Let us all remember that we are created the same way be it black, white or colored. [Sr. Alaisa from Uganda]
Comment of the Week 8/7/2009 - islamicity.com - Ref:45641
This site is very comprehensive enough to present Islam to the world correctly and details. As a Christian who has a lot of misunderstandings about Islam, this site has helped me alter my erroneous stance on Islam and made my attitude not only positive but pro-Islam. The universality, pragmatism, its conformity with nature, brotherhood and unity of mankind, holistic philosophy of life, rational and error free theology are appealing to any rational mind. The founder(s) of this site deserve appreciation, blessings and support. [Dr. Nathan from India]
Comment of the Week 6/17/2009 - islamicity.com - Ref:44101
I am a faithful believer in God, and I do not know the path that will strengthen me in God's will, and help me find peace and purpose in this life ... I pray that I become a man devout in his service and love of God and hope that Islam is the path. [Br. Nicholas from MD, USA - accepted Islam in May '09]
Comment of the Week 5/4/2009 - islamicity.com - Ref:44030
I am ... studying religious ceremonies and I realize that I know very little about Islam and Muslims. A Google search led me to your website ... I thank you for the opportunity to learn more. [Sr. Tiffany from Canada - accepted Islam in May '09]
Dua (Prayer) of Fasting 9/6/2008 - islamicity.com - Ref:39743
Comment of the Week 8/22/2008 - islamicity.com - Ref:39476
I was not raised Muslim but I am doing research to learn more about Islam, Allah, the Quran and what it is to truly be Muslim. From what I have read thus far, everything seems to make total sense. My compliments on the page, very well put together and informative as well. [Cody from USA]
Comment of the Week 6/27/2008 - islamicity.com - Ref:38569
Thank you for all the help and information I received from you and was able to find with your web site. I am pleased I was able to take Shahada at IslamiCity ... I still have much to learn and I know I will be able to find help and many answers with you. [Barbara from USA]
Comment of the Week 4/18/2008 - islamicity.com - Ref:37398
Masha'Allah, this is a wonderful site for everyone in the Ummah. From the new Muslim to lifelong Muslims, all will benefit and gain knowledge on IslamiCity. [Scott from Illinois]
Comment of the Week 3/7/2008 - islamicity.com - Ref:36685
.. You are one of the place I seek knowlegde from to better understand what is going on behind the T.V. news and our government. Thank you for having your website, I have learned a lot and can better walk this tight rope of anger and fear that is presented to me on a daily basis. [Amy from Michigan]
Comment of the Week 2/3/2008 - islamicity.com - Ref:36101
I am a Hindu boy who has spent several years in Saudi Arabia and is now back in India. Living in the Muslim holyland allowed me to gain great insight into what Islam really is. I am now thinking of converting to Islam, Inshallah if He so wishes .. [Virender from India]
Dec. 7-8: 5th Annual Quran Conference at Islamic Society of Nevada 12/4/2007 - islamicity.com - Ref:34851

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