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September 21, 2021 | Safar 14, 1443

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InshaAllah, we will visit local Muslim communities and masjids in the cities of Beijing, Xian, Hohhot and Shanghai.  This interaction with the local Muslims will undoubtedly enhance our travel experience and help us expand our horizons in the context of Ummah.

In addition, the participants will also have an opportunity to meet and interact with local imamsand Muslim community leaders, teachers and young Muslims at Islamic schools.

Friday prayers will be performed in congregation. It is a unique experience to listen to the Friday Sermon in Arabic and Chinese.

Arrangements are also being made to visit an almost exclusively Muslim-populated village and meetlocal Muslims in their own setting. These unique visits will help us enjoy their hospitality, learn their lifestyle, relish their cuisine, understand their struggles and share their joys & sorrows. This experience is beyond mere words and is not offered in typical tours.

The following are clips from previous IslamiCity tours and the participants' interactions with local Muslims:

Sites 2002 Tour 2005 Tour
Interview - Imam of Haidin Mosque, Beijing watch video clip  
Friday Prayers- Haidin Mosque, Beijing watch video clip  
Jindoulu Madrasah - Lanzhou watch video clip  
Friday Prayers - Great Qingzhen Mosque watch video clip  
Interview - Imam Yunus, Lanzhou watch video clip  
Interview - Imam Abdullah, Lanzhou watch video clip  
Interview - Imam Esa & Ustadh Saleh watch video clip  
Qur'an Recitation - Muhammad Amin watch video clip  
Adhan from Minaret watch video clip  
West Mosque watch video clip  
Boy's Madrasah watch video clip  
Girl's Madrasah watch video clip  
Mecca of China watch video clip  
Great Mosque of Xian watch video clip watch video clip
Xian Muslim Community watch video clip watch video clip
Arabic Calligraphy watch video clip watch video clip
Tour Guide Cristy takes Shahadah   watch video clip
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