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September 21, 2021 | Safar 14, 1443

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IslamiCity > Travel > Program to China China - Cultural Program

Some of the cultural activities are listed below making the IslamiCity tours educational and enjoyable both.


Quranic Arabic calligraphy is an integral part of Muslims' lives in China. This unique art is taught from an early age to men and women directly by experienced teachers in an informal setting. Calligraphy art can very easily be found in almost all Muslim homes holding a central position in their living rooms. The Chinese calligraphy style is distinctly different than the calligraphy art generally seen in Middle East & Turkey.


       Calligraphy Demonstration (2002 tour)

       Calligraphy Demonstration (2005 tour)



The China National Acrobatic Circus is the largest state-run acrobatic troupe in China today. In the past 50 years, the China Acrobatic Troupe has helped the field of acrobatics mature throughout the world, having toured more than 80 countries and regions for thousands of shows. Cultural shows featuring classical Chinese musical performances, costumes and historical epics are very popular. Tour participants may choose to attend these optional evening activities.


       Acrobatic Show (2002 tour)

       Cultural Show (2005 tour)




Chinese cuisine is world famous as it is. Chinese people take great pride in their food & hospitality. Traditionally Chinese people ask as soon you visit them "if and whether you've eaten already." This demonstrates that (a) they care for their guests and friends, (b) and they really mean to privilege themselves by treating their guests.


It is very common and easy to find a Chinese restaurant claiming authenticity to Chinese food in any major city of the world. The best Chinese food outside China is considered to be embarrassing for the most unpopular or small food outlet in China.


It is common courtesy and decency not to criticize the food and their customs. Hosts, be they restaurant personnel or tour guides & drivers, may think the tourists are not civilized. Remember Chinese culture is more than 25 times older than the birth of the USA, and the Chinese are proud of their traditions and heritage.



Chinese people have evolved the culture of making, selling and drinking tea to the level of art and science. Different types of tea offer natural relaxation and at the same time is claimed to be a cure for many ailments. We will have the privilege of sampling many different forms of tea during an informative demonstration by a tea expert at the Tea House in Beijing.


  • White Tea: Initial sips taste bitter but amazingly changes into sweet. It helps common cold and yes, constipation!

  • Green Golden Tea: There are fourteen different elements known to be present in the green golden tea, such as Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, etc. This tea offers relief from hypertension, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Green Golden Tea with a bit of honey puts everyone to sleep like a baby!

  • Oriental Beauty Tea (The King of O'long tea): This is a natural healer. People suffering with anemia are recommended to drink this tea with few dates after dinner. It also helps women improve the skin texture. Indigestive pains are gone like magic. Diabetics are suggested to drink this daily before retiring to bed.

  • Jasmine Tea: This is known as a repository of vitamins. Jasmine tea is popular among people with eye-sight problems.

  • Black Tea: Increases appetite and is generally offered with a slice of lemon.

       Tea Tasting and Demonstration (2002 tour)

       Tea Tasting and Demonstration (2005 tour)



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