IslamiCity has a new service for our supporters that let's you take advantage of great travel prices while you support our organization!

IslamiCity now has
its travel website at:

Our travel website is powered by the same websites you normally use to book travel -, and - giving you the same great features and low prices!

Our site can take care of all your travel needs, including:

• Plane Tickets • Hotels
• Cruises • Rental Cars
• Vacation Packages • Weekend Escapes
• Travel Insurance • Sporting Events
• Concert Tickets • Theme Park Tickets
• Golf Tee Times • Passport Services
• Honeymoon Registry • Currency Exchange
• And More!

How Does This Work?
Every time you use a travel website, the travel companies pay BIG commissions for your reservation. Now, when you book travel on our website,
IslamiCity will get a portion of the travel commission. You'll experience competitive travel prices and significantly help fund IslamiCity.

With your help and other IslamiCity supporters...

we can raise much needed 
financial support for
our organization!

Please note IslamiCity is not involved with your travel arrangements. When you book travel through, you are dealing directly with the vendors just like you would on sites like

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