An Intelligent Plan by Animals: Camouflage

An Intelligent Plan by Animals: Camouflage

One of the features that animals possess in order to keep living is the art of hiding themselves–that is, "camouflage".

Animals feel the necessity of hiding themselves for two main reasons: for hunting and for protecting themselves from predators. Camouflage differs from all other methods with its particular involvement of utmost intelligence, skill, aesthetics and harmony.

The camouflage techniques of animals are truly amazing. It is almost impossible to identify an insect that is hidden in a tree trunk or another creature hidden under a leaf.

Leaf louse that suck the juices of plants feed themselves on plant stalks by pretending to be thorns. By this method, they aim to trick birds, their biggest enemies, and ensure that birds will not perch on these plants.


Top: Tree louse imitating tree thorns. Bottom left: A caterpillar settled right in the middle of a leaf to go unnoticed. Bottom right: A snake concealing itself by suspending itself among leaves.

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