The Details that Materialists Have Difficulty in Comprehending

The Details that Materialists Have Difficulty in Comprehending

The issues discussed in this chapter, namely the truth underlying matter, timelessness, and spacelessness, are indeed extremely clear. As expressed before, these are absolutely not any sort of a philosophy or a way of thought, but crystal-clear truths impossible to deny. In addition to its being a technical reality, the rational and logical evidence also admits no other alternatives on this issue: the universe is an illusory entirety with all the matter composing it and all the people living on it. It is a collection of perceptions.

Materialists have a hard time in understanding this issue. For instance, if we return to Politzer’s bus example: although Politzer technically knew that he could not step out of his perceptions he could only admit it for certain cases. That is, for Politzer, events take place in the brain until the bus crash, but as soon as the bus crash takes place, things go out of the brain and gain a physical reality. The logical defect at this point is very clear: Politzer has made the same mistake as the materialist philosopher Johnson who said "I hit the stone, my foot hurts, therefore it exists" and could not understand that the shock felt after bus impact was in fact a mere perception as well.

However, being unbiased would be enough to understand this subject. Lincoln Barnett informs that this subject was "discerned" by some scientists:

Along with philosophers' reduction of all objective reality to a shadow-world of perceptions, scientists have become aware of the alarming limitations of man's senses.(159)

These statements point at a very important fact: matter’s lack of any physical reality alarms materialists who hold matter to be an absolute thing. For true believers, the case is just the opposite: people of faith become very glad when they have perceived the true nature of the world because this reality is the key to all questions. With this key, all secrets are unlocked. One comes to easily understand many issues that he previously had difficulty in understanding. As said before, the questions of death, paradise, hell, the hereafter, changing dimensions, and human such as "Where is Allah?", "What was before Allah?", "Who created Allah?", "How long will the life in cemetery last?", "Where are heaven and hell?", and "Where do heaven and hell currently exist?" will be easily answered because it will be understood with what kind of a system Allah created the entire universe from nothingness. So much so that, with this secret, the questions of "when", and "where" become meaningless because there will be no time and no place left. When spacelessness is comprehended, it will be understood that hell, heaven and earth are all actually at the same place. If timelessness is understood, it will be understood that everything takes place at a single moment: nothing is waited for and time does not go by, because everything has already happened and finished.

With this secret, another very important reality mentioned in the Quran is unveiled: the fact that "Allah is nearer to man than his jugular vein" (Surah Qaf, 16). As everybody knows, the jugular vein is inside the body. What could be nearer to a person than his inside? This situation can be easily explained by the reality of spacelessness. This verse can also be much better comprehended by understanding this secret.

As explained before, the only absolute being is Allah. All other things are but the reflections of Allah in the form of shadow beings. Allah sees and knows man with the five senses and with all other senses. Whithersoever we turn, there is the presence of Allah.

As may be clearly seen, the great secret revealed in this book is the key to all things. As Lincoln Barnett stated, this is the reason for the fears of materialists. The primitiveness of their own philosophy and the ignorance of their point of view are bared for all to see. They are also aware that if the true nature of matter is known by people in general, there will be no ground left on which they can rationalise their views. There can be no other explanation for the extreme panic and opposition that they display about such a certain fact.



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