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Badiyyah ()

a desert or semi-arid environment.
Badl ()
(Plural abdal) a gnostic in constant contemplation of Allah, often seen in more than one place at the same time. badl means "substitute". ibn al-`arabi says: "they are seven. whoever travels from one place and leaves his body in its form so that no one recognises that he has gone, only that one is a badl." some say that they are forty.(Source:Taha Publication)
Badr ()

the first full military confrontation between the Muslims and the enemies of Allah. The battle took place between the Muslims and the Quraish of Mecca in the second year of Hijrah (624 C.E.). Eventhough the Muslims were outnumbered, the final result was to their favor.
Bai al-urbun ()
'Urbun refers to the deposit or earnest money that the buyer gives the seller, on the understanding that it will be part of the buying price once the sale is finalized. In the event that the sale falls through the seller keeps this initial amount. Among the different schools, only the Hanabali's have validated al'urbun.(Source:IslamIQ)
Bai Mu'ajjal (Bay Mu'ajjal )
Sale based on deferred payment, either in a lump sum or instalments.

*A sale in which the parties agree that the payment of price shall be deferred is called a Bai Mu'ajjal.
*Bai Mu'ajjal is valid if the date of payment is fixed in an unambiguous manner.
*The date of payment can be fixed either with reference to a particular date, or by specifying a period, like three months, but it cannot be fixed with reference to a future event where the exact date is unknown or uncertain. If the time of payment is unknown or uncertain, the sale is void.
*If a particular period is fixed for payment, like one month, it will be deemed to commence from the time of delivery, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.
*The deferred price may be more than the cash price, but it must be fixed at the time of sale.
*Once the price is fixed, it cannot be decreased if it was paid earlier, nor can it be increased in the case of default.
*In order to ensure the buyer pays the installments promptly, the buyer may be asked to promise that in the case of default, he will donate some specified amount for a charitable purpose. In such cases, the seller may receive such an amount from the buyer, not as part of his income, but to use it for charitable purposes on behalf of the buyer.
*If the commodity is sold on installment, the seller may put a condition on the buyer that if he fails to pay any installment on its due date, the remaining installments will become due immediately.
*In order to secure the payment, the seller may ask the buyer to furnish a security whether in the form of a mortgage, a lien or a charge on any of his existing assets.
The buyer can also be asked to sign a promissory note or a Bill of Exchange, but the note or the bill cannot be sold to a third party at a price different from its face value.Bai Salam, also spelled as Bay Salam:

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