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Wafa' ()
Faithfulness, fidelity, discharging obligations and living up to promises.(Source:Taha Publication)
Wafa' bi'l-`uhud ()
Fulfilling contracts or undertakings as in "honour my contract and i will honour your contract. " (qur' an 2:40).(Source:Taha Publication)
Wahabi / Salafi (wahaby salafy wahabee salafee)
Wahabi/Salafi is an interchangeable term used to describe a certain practice of Islam. The term Wahabi is used to describe an approach to Islam that takes its name from Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, an eighteen-century religious leader who started a movement for the reform of Muslim society. Abd al-Wahhab formed an alliance with a tribal chief Muhammad ibn Saud that led to the formation of Saudi Arabia. The Wahabi religious outlook is an exclusive, strict, puritanical and literal interpretation of the Quran. Salafi Islam has become a popular term for this type of Islamic interpretation. Salafi claim to return to pristine Islam as practiced by the early Muslims (salaf, or pious ancestors.)(Source:IslamiCity)
Wahdaniya ()
Divine oneness.(Source:Taha Publication)
Wahdanlya ()
Oneness, the unity of the divine names.(Source:Taha Publication)

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