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Charity ()
See Sadaqah. (Source:CIE)
Chisti ()
Mu'in ad-din Muhammad, founder of the sufi order, the chistiya. he was from sistan and was born in 537/1142 and lived in various towns. after going on hajj and during his ziyara at madina, he was asked to establish islam in india. after a forty day khalwa next to al-hujwiri's tomb in lahore, he went to delhi in 589/1193 and then directly to ajmir where he died in 632/1236. also known as gharib nawaz, "the friend of the poor", some historical accounts state that forty thousand families accepted islam at his hand.(Source:Taha Publication)
Chistiya ()
An indian sufi tariqa from shaykh chisti (d. 632/1236). chisht is the village in which the founder of the order, abu ishaq of syria, settled. they utilise songs and music and wear cinnamon coloured garments.(Source:Taha Publication)
Covenant ()

a solemn agreement between two or more persons or groups, a compact between God and man. The Old Testament tells of the covenant the Jews made with Allah.

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