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Ubayy ibn ka'b ()
Al-ansari al-bukhari. one of the ansar of khazraj, "the master of the reciters". he was one of those at the second pledge of 'aqaba. he was present at badr and all the battles. 'umar, the second khalif, called him "the master of the muslims". ubayy was one of the select few who committed the qur'anic revelations to writing and had a mushaf of his own. he acted as a scribe for the prophet, writing letters for him. at the demise of the prophet, he was one of the twenty-five or so people who knew the qur' an completely by heart. his recitation was so beautiful and his understanding so profound that the prophet encouraged his companions to learn the qur' an from him and from three others. he was the first to write for the prophet. he died in 29 or 32 ah while `uthman was khalif.(Source:Taha Publication)
Ujrat al-inithl ()
A fair salary.(Source:Taha Publication)
Ulama (oo-la-mah)
See alim. (Source:CIE)
Ulama ()

the learned, knowledgeble people in Islam. Plural form of alim.
Ulamaa ()
Plural of 'Alim. The people of knowledge from amongst the Muslims who act on what they know and do what they say.(Source:IslamIQ)

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