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H04 Consumption
H05 Production: Qur'anic Foundation
H06 Production: Learning & Experimentation
B01 Need for Prophets
H07 Muslim Contribution to Astronomy & Chemistry
H08 Muslim Contribution to Mathematics & Physics
H09 Muslim Contribution to Medicine
H10 Muslim Contribution to Other Field I
H11 Muslim Contribution to Other Fields II
H12 Prohibition of Riba "Interest" I
H13 Prohibition of Riba "Interest" II
H14 Prohibition of Riba "Interest" III / Distribution
H15 Zakah & Distributive Justice
H16 Charity & Distributive Justice
B02 Revelation and Characteristics of Prophets
H17 Distributive Justice & Inheritance
H18 Economic Policy
H19 An Alternate to Mortgage I
H20 An Alternate to Mortgage II
I01 Religion & Politics