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February 7, 2023 | Rajab 17, 1444
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IslamiCity > Travel > 2008 Summer Program to Spain
Summer 2001 - Photo Gallery - Southern Spain   (Aug. 1-14, 2001).
Summer 2002 - Photo Gallery - Southern Spain   (Aug. 1-14, 2002).

Comments from Summer 2001 Tour Participants:

I have seen pictures of the Alhambra Palace while taking a Spanish language class in college. Ever since, I wanted to come and see Andalusia with my own eyes. I could feel the spirit of our forefathers as we go through the big masjid of Cordoba, and other Muslim remains. If one listens, he/she can hear Andalusia sing. It is a sad song that misses the hustle & bustle of Muslims, the adhan of the Mueddhins from tall minarets, the recitations of the Qur'an and so much more. I am grateful to Allah (SWT) that I got this opportunity to see all the memories of 700 years. I wish all Muslims could have a look at this rich heritage of ours!

SubhanAllah this trip is an opportunity of a lifetime and Alhumdulillah I have the opportunity to be a part of it.  I personally have never been to the Middle East and had the opportunity to see the Muslim art there, this is my first exposure to Islamic art up close and personal and I have been blown away.  There are no words to describe the majestic beauty of the Muslim architecture here.  Some of the masajid we have seen have been converted to churches.  One side is still intact as a masjid, the rest is converted to a church. Seeing both forms of art side by side just makes you appreciate Islamic art so much more.  the simplicity and uniqueness is so captivating.  You know where you can find peace praying to Allah.  Itıs hard not to feel a sense of loss when in these masajid-churches. May Allah bring unity back to the Muslims, Ameen.

The trip has been an honor, to see and experience Muslim Spain, so far.  I must admit that I am saddened by the entire history of this time period.  It is very depressing to see how history constantly repeats itself, on how Muslims have been expelled out of their own homes, for only a messy idea called Œpowerı.  Inshallah, through our experience many will come and restore this history and learn through the past and their mistakes.

Speechless!  Speechless!!

This is overwhelming and a trip of a lifetime. I have seen so much things such as the palaces and massive monuments. I was very happy to see the Roman remains.

Zahabiyah and Almina:
This trip has been amazing. I wasnıt so sure about what it would be like, but it is a great learning experience. It is wonderful that we can be together as Muslims, while experiencing different monuments and Islamic art all over Spain. My favorite so far was the horse carriage ride in Sevilla last night. It was so relaxing, and we had a really good time. I am looking forward to jet skiing and para-sailing in Malaga.

Rooman Ahad , Hina Sodha and Ateka Ali:
Throughout our lives each of us have had the opportunity to visit various mosques around the world, from the Blue mosque in Turkey, to the Umayyad in Syria.  But these structures could not compare to the awe and amazement that overcame us when we entered the grand mosque of Cordoba.  With its 900 pillars and elaborate mihrab, this structure was the physical manifestation of the hearts of the Muslim community that surrounded it.  The hidden heritage buried beneath the cobblestone roads of Andalusia tells the story of our people that for so many generations has been forgotten and yearns to be retold.  InshAllah may every Muslim be blessed with the opportunity to visit such a place that reminds us of who we were, the mistakes we made, and where we need to return.  

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