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February 7, 2023 | Rajab 17, 1444
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IslamiCity > Travel > 2008 Summer Program to Spain

Madrid (al-Majrit)
Madrid is the capital of the modern Spanish state, a cosmopolitan city located roughly in the center of the country. The city acquired its European quality during the 17th century and beyond, when Spain was at the peak of its confidence and power. The name of the city, however, hints at its Arabic roots: "Madrid" comes from "al-majrit," meaning "the water channel." Find out more...
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Toledo (Tulaytulah)
Toledo is located roughly in the center of the Iberian peninsula, 42 miles southwest of Madrid. It is situated on a large hill and is surrounded on three sides by the Tagus river, creating a natural fortress. As a result of its isolated position, Toledo retains a quaint medieval aire, with narrow cobblestone streets and various handicraft shops. Find out more...
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Cordoba (Qurtubah)
Cordoba, located alongside the Guadalquivir River, is an ancient city that has existed at least since Roman times. After the Muslim conquest of Iberia in 711, the Umayyad amirs made Cordoba the capital of al-Andalus. By the 10th century, Cordoba had become one of the greatest cities in the world, thanks to the efforts of the powerful and wise caliph Abd al-Rahman III. Find out more...
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Sevilla (Ishbiliyah)
Sevilla sits along the Guadalquivir river, which was a vital element of Andalusi life. The river provided access from the city to the Atlantic Ocean. Muslims inhabited the city following their conquest of the peninsula, and created a vibrant society where arts and poetry flourished. The city was lost to the Christian forces in 1248 CE. Find out more...
 See Pictures of Sevilla
Gibraltar (Jabal Tariq)
Gibraltar is the site on the southern coast of Spain where Tariq ibn Ziyad landed in 711 CE and began the conquest of the peninsula. This U.K. territory lies near Algeciras, a major Spanish port city. Across the Mediterranean sits Tangier in Morocco, and the Straights of Gibraltar mark the narrow waterway between these two cities. Find out more...
 See Pictures of Gibraltar
Granada (Gharnatah)
Granada reached its apogee under the Nasrid rulers from the 13th-15th centuries. The city is named after the prized pomegranate fruit, which has grown in the region for ages. Granada is a popular tourist destination today due to the presence of the famous Alhambra palace and gardens, unique in the world. Find out more...
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Islam in Spain 
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