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June 1, 2023 | Dhul-Qa`dah 13, 1444
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IslamiCity > Travel > 2008 Summer Program to Spain

This travel study program focuses on the history of Islamic Iberia (Spain & Portugal) and the Maghrib (Morocco). You will learn about the various religious, cultural, intellectual, technological, and artistic achievements of the Muslims who created the classical civilization of al-Andalus. You will also learn about the various dynasties that ruled Spain and Morocco, and the common culture shared between the two regions during the medieval period.

Please note that this is not a deen-intensive or intensive Arabic/religious studies program. The focus is on history, culture and society, relying on contemporary academic scholarship about al-Andalus, and interaction with Muslims and others whom we encounter in Spain.

The main mode of learning will be daily walking tours with commentary by the instructor. You will have an opportunity to watch artisans in Toledo practice a metalworking style originating in Syria, pass under the arches of the Great Masjid in Cordoba, climb the Giralda tower in Sevilla (the former minaret of the Almohad masjid), explore the Roman ruins at Italica, and hike through the steep and narrow streets of the old city of Granada, and enjoy the lush gardens of the Alhambra palace, among many other experiences.

LECTURE& READING TOPICS: Click Here for a Sample Lecture

1. The Muslim conquest of Iberia.
2. The Umayyad caliphate in Spain. Andalusi Science.
3. The Taifa period.
4. The Almoravid and Almohad Dynasties.
5. Arts & Literature in Andalus.
6. Muslim Granada.
7. Multi-faith relations in Al-Andalus.


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Islam in Spain 
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