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April 23, 2018 | Sha`ban 8, 1439
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IslamiCity > Travel > 2017 HAJJ (1438 AH)
   2015 ISLAMICITY HAJJ - Walking Hajj Program

Here I am, O God, at Thy Command! Here I am at Thy Command! Thou art without associate; Here I am at Thy Command! Thine are praise and grace and dominion! Thou art without associate.

Masjid Al-Haram Makkah

Masjid Al-Nabawi Madinah


For low budget seeking hajj and follow the sunnah and walk between Minah, Muzdalefa and Arafat.

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  • A unique program (never offered before) designed to follow the Sunnah of the prophet throughout the Hajj journey.

  • A guided tour uniquely designed to follow on the foot step of our beloved the prophet (SAW) and his pious companions.

  • This program is recommended for seasoned travelers, and Individuals who are willing to forsake the comfort of AC transportation, fancy hotel rooms and other services to gain the ultimate rewards.

  • On his deathbed, Ibn Abbas told his sons: "My sons, you should make Hajj on foot, for the walking pilgrim receives seven hundred blessings from the Sacred Sanctuary with every step he takes."

  • The distance between Makkah and Mina is approximately 8 kilometers (~5 miles) while the distance between Mina and Arafat is approximately 14.4 kilometers (~9 miles).


  1. JFK / JED / JFK round trip airfare.

  2. Stay in Madinah in a 3-Star Hotel near the Haram (4/Room) with daily breakfast & dinner- From 14th to 17th of Dhulhajjah

  3. Stay in Makkah at a residential-Makkah suburbs - (Haram Sharief daily prescheduled bus trip available-) with daily breakfast and dinner- From 3th to 7th of Dzulhajjah. (Rooming depends on the size of the room)

  4. Stay in Mina/Arafat in Gov AC tents (Two daily meals and refreshments will be served) - From 8th to 13th of Dhulhajjah

  5. Follow the sunnah and walk between Minah, Muzdalefa and Arafat. (AC buses available upon request)

  6. AC government buses for transfer between Jeddah-Madinah-Makkah-Jeddah. 

  7. Free Visa Service. 

  8. Visit historic sites in Madinah.

  9.  Meet and assist in JeddahAirport. 

  10. Educational program.

Available Hotels in Makkah
Azizieh A partment Building
Available Hotels in Madinah
Madinah residential hotel ( 3 - Stars )

Depart : Sep 14 , 2015 ( 1st Dhul' Hajjah, 1436)
Return : Sep 27 , 2015 (14th Dhul' Hajjah, 1436)
Total Number of Days : 14

US$6750 per person

The package include:

  • One gift for each pilgrim.

  • Visa Service.

  • Educational program throughout the trip.

  • Visits to holy and historical sites in Maddinah.

  • Arrangement for animal sacrifice (Qurbani).

  • Escort and religious guide service (bilingual).

  • Round trip airline ticket to and from Jeddah. 

The package does not include:

  • Saudi government mutawef Hajj fees: approximately $300.

  • Add-on from other cities (Hajj package price is JFK based). 

  • Cost of animal sacrifice (Qurbani/Naher): approximately $150.

Add-ons from other parts of North America are:
West Coast major gateways - $399 - $450
Mid West major gateways - $299 - $350
East Coast major gateways (other than New York) $199 - $250

Please note the accommodation in Makkah is during the peak hotel rates for Hajj.

Detail itinerary will available soon
To inquire more info
or reserve your seat online please click here.

Reservation & Customer Support


General Information:  

310-642-0006 Ext 110

- Due to increasing airline tickets fees, Prices may change without prior notice.

- To secure your seat please send a deposit check of $2500.00/person payable to: Makkah, (on note put "IslamiCity Hajj Program") to the following address:

5860 Hannum Ave.
Culver City, CA 90230
Attn: IC Hajj Program


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