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May 28, 2015 | Sha`ban 10, 1436
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IslamiCity > Travel > 2014 HAJJ (1435 AH)
   2014 ISLAMICITY HAJJ - Value Express Program

Al-Madinah Harmony Hotel Room

Al-Madinah Harmony Hotel (5-Stars)

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  1. Round Trip airfare from JFK–Amman-Madinah/Jeddah-Amman-JFK 

  2. Fly Direct to Madinah (Limited # of seats. To avoid Jeddah Hajj terminal congestion). 

  3. Accommodations in Madinah at 5 Star Harmony Medina Hotel ( close to Haram) or similar. 

  4. Daily open buffet breakfast and dinner during hotel stay ( Madinah) 

  5. Accommodations in regular American Mina camp Air cooled tents ( Two daily meals and beverages will be served 

  6. Accommodations in Arafat in American tents (A meal and beverages will be served) 

  7. Transportation in AC Buses 

  8. Visit historical sites in Madinah 

  9. Educational program 

  10. Prices are subject to change without prior notice due to the ever changing airline tax & fuel charges. 

  11. Due to new Saudi Gov. regulations, stay on 6th & 7th of Dulhijah at AC building (5-7/R). 

  12. Two daily meals will be served at the building. Full access to the building during Masheer time (8-13 Dulhijah) for showering & relaxation. 

  13. Extra $$$ for an optional extra days after hajj at 5* Makkah hotel facing Haram 

  14. Add $950 per person (4/R), for extra days (14-18 Dulhijah) at Al Safwa 5*hotel facing Haram. 

  15. Hurry! Limited seats. We were sold out a few months before hajj last year. 

  16. Hajj 2014 registration is underway. Please join us for 2014 hajj blessed journey

Depart Sept 25, 2014 (1st Dhul Hajjah, 1435) and return Oct 8, 2014 (14th Dhul Hajjah, 1435)  -  (13 Days).

US$6795 per person ( 4-People / Room).
US$6995 per person ( 3-People / Room).
US$7595 per person
( 2-People / Room)

Package does not include Saudi Hajj Fees ($300), cost of animal Sacrifice ($150) and any other optional add-ons from cities other than New York.

Add-ons from other parts of North America are:
West Coast major gateways - $399 - $450
Mid West major gateways - $299 - $350
East Coast major gateways (other than New York) $199 - $250

Please note the accommodation in Makkah is during the peak hotel rates for Hajj.

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or to reserve your seat online please click here.

Reservation & Customer Support


General Information:  

310-642-0006 Ext 110

- Due to increasing airline tickets fees, Prices may change without prior notice.

- To secure your seat please send a deposit check of $2500.00/person payable to: Makkah, (on note put "IslamiCity Hajj Program") to the following address:

5860 Hannum Ave.
Culver City, CA 90230
Attn: IC Hajj Program


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