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April 24, 2014 | Jumada Al-Thani 23, 1435
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IslamiCity > Travel > 2013 HAJJ (1434 AH)
 ITINERARY FOR Value Express Program Hajj 2012

Subject to minor changes. Sufficient notice will be given for any major changes in the itinerary.

Day Date Islamic Date Depart Arrive Stay/Hotel
Wednesday 17-Oct 1 Dhul’ Haijjah All USA Gateways    
Thursday 18-Oct 2 Dhul’ Haijjah   Amman/Cairo  
Thursday 18-Oct 2 Dhul Qadah Amman/Cairo Madinah  
Thursday to Sunday 18 to 21 Oct 2-5 Dhul’ Haijjah     Madinah/5 Star Harmony Hotel
Sunday 21-Oct 5 Dhul’ Haijjah (Evening) Madinah (Evening)    
Monday 22-Oct 6 Dhul’ Haijjah (Early Morning)   Makkah  
Tuesday to Wednesday 23 to 24 Oct 7-8 Dhul' Hajjah     Makkah building close to Mina
Wednesday 24-Oct 8 Dhul' Hajjah (before noon) Makkah Mina Regular American camp AC tents
Thursday 25-Oct 9 Dhul' Hajjah Mina (Very early Morning) Arafat Arafat AC tents
Thursday 25-Oct 9 Dhul' Hajjah Arafah (after Sunset) Muzdhalifa Muzdhalifa/Mina
Friday 26-Oct 10 Dhul' Hajjah Muzdhalifa (Very Early Morning/Leave after midnight) Mina/Makkah/Mina Mina AC tents
Saturday- Monday 27 to 29 Oct 11-13 Dhul' Hajjah     Mina AC Tents/ Makkah Building 
Monday 29-Oct 13th Dhul' Hajjah Makkah Jeddah Airport  
Tuesday 30-Oct 14th Dhul' Hajjah Jeddah Amman/Cairo  
Tuesday 30-Oct 14th Dhul' Hajjah Amman/Cairo All Gateways North America  

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