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September 26, 2018 | Muharram 16, 1440
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IslamiCity > Education > Islam & Science > Miracles of the Qur'an > Numeric Miracle
 From the Numeric Miracles In the Holy Qur'an

 Turn then thy face towards the Sacred Mosque: wherever ye are, turn your faces towards it... (Qur'an 2: 144)

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From the Numeric Miracles In the Holy Qur'an

The Word

Meaning #of times Mentioned
Dunya This life 115
Akhera The hereafter 115
Allah knows best
Malaekah Angels 88
Shayateen Devils 88
Allah knows best
Hayat Life 145
Mawt Death 145
Allah knows best
Nafee Usefulness 50
Fassad corruption 50
Allah knows best
Nass Mankind 368
Russul Messengers 368
Allah knows best
Iblis Satan 11
Iste'atha from iblis Ask refuge from Satan 11
Allah knows best
Museebah Catastrophe, Calamity 75
Shukr Thankfulness, Gratitude 75
Allah knows best
Infaque Expenditure 73
Redha Contentment 73
Allah knows best
Adhaloon Misguided, astray 17
Almawta Deceased 17
Allah knows best
Muslims Muslims 41
Jihad Struggle for Allah 41
Allah knows best
Thahab Gold 8
Taraf Luxurious life 8
Allah knows best
Asseher Magic 60
Albarakah Temptation, trial 60
Allah knows best
zakat almsgivings, Charity 32
Barakah Benediction 32
Allah knows best
Alaqul Mind, Brain 49
Annour Light 49
Allah knows best
Allessan Tongue 25
Almawethah Sermon, Preachment 25
Allah knows best
Arasghbah Desire 8
Arrahbah Fear 8
Allah knows best
Jahr Openness 16
Alaneah Public Ness 16
Allah knows best
Asheddah Firm 114
Assabr Patience 114
Allah knows best
Muhammad Muhammad 4
Sharee'ah Law 4
Allah knows best
Rajul Man 24
Marah (nisa) Woman 24
Allah knows best
shahr Month 12
Allah knows best
Yawm Day 365
Allah knows best
Baher Sea 32
Barr Landmass 13


The word (Sea or Water) mentioned 32 times, and the word (Landmass) mentioned 13 times in the Holy Qur'an, if we add them together we will get 45.

Now let us do some calculations...

  • By finding the percentage of the number of the word (Sea) to the total number of the words (Sea and Landmass) we will have: 
                             (32/45)x100% = 71.11111111111%

  • By finding the percentage of the number of the word (Landmass) to the total number of the words (Sea and Landmass) we will have: 
                             (13/45)x100% = 28.88888888889%

We will find what Allah (swt) said in His Holy Book 14 centaury ago that the ratio of water on earth is 71.11111111111%, and the ratio of landmass is 28.88888888889%,
add them together and you will get 100%, and these are the real ratios of the Water and landmass on earth.

So what do you think? Could it be a Chance?!
Who do you think taught prophet Muhammad all of these?

I am just telling you that " Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) Desire " so bow thankful to your Lord for being a Muslim, what you have read is a small part of the Numeric Miracles of the Holy Qur'an, there are big volumes about the miracles of the Qur'an....

And InshaAllah we'll meet again with more.

Your Brother Hussain Yunus from Maryol Okrania

Credits:  Dr. Tarik Al-Suwaidan



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