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Challenges before Muslim Intellectuals, by Dr. Aslam Abdullah

2006-03-04 | "’We condemn violence in Pakistan, Libya, Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, Nigeria and Gaza. Islam is against violence. Islam promotes peace. The silent majority is peaceful. Only a handful are bent on destruction. The violence has its roots in sociopolitical alienation the Muslim masses suffer in the Muslim world. Islam is for freedom of expression. And on and on.’
“There are not enough Muslims speaking for the welfare and well being of humanity as a whole without dividing it in this or that religious, sectarian or racial camp. When was the last time, Muslims produced a treatise on the prevailing hunger in the world? When was the last time, we spoke about the dangers of nuclear proliferation? When was the last time, we spoke and did something about the homeless in America? And when was the last time, we participated in the debate about health insurance for those 44 million Americans who lack it. We cannot argue that we don't have resources to address these issues. There are thousands of doctors amidst us. There are thousands of millionaires amongst us and there are thousands of educationalists amongst us.”

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor-in-Chief of The Muslim Observer and the director of the Islamic Society of Nevada, as well as the director of the Muslim Electorates Council of America.

Photo: "Climbing the Steep Steps", courtesy of IslamiCity

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