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Religion and spirituality

Episteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet 
Site features thousands of sorted links to philosophy-related sites. Topics include philosophers, philosophy texts, publications, newsgroups and job postings. Shop for books via link to Amazon.com.

IslamiCity in Cyberspace 
Includes overview of doctrine, Qur'an; news, culture, education, political info; downloadable radio/TV broadcasts (free software download); online shopping, chat room, virtual Mosque tour, web links, matrimonial service.

Offers information about new age phenomena such as channeling, UFOs, healing methods, reincarnation, meditation, yoga, astrology and out-of-body experiences. It includes news updates, chats, an events calendar and links to related sites.

Academic Info: Religion 
This site contains an extensive directory of Web sites devoted to world religions. Especially useful for the academic study of comparative religions.

Astrology Online 
Astrology Online is a resource of astrology information. Daily and weekly horoscopes, astrology frequently asked questions and astrology links are featured at this site.

Blessed Be and Welcome to the Witches' Voice 
The Witches' Voice is an educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about witchcraft. The site features press releases and answers to frequently asked questions about Wiccan holidays, ethics, rituals and practices.

A nonprofit organization affiliated with the Buddha Dhamma Meditation Association Inc. This site presents Buddha's teachings and lifestyle.

Catholic Online 
Catholic Online is an e-zine dedicated to the Roman Catholic faith. The site includes news from Catholic Press International, a marketplace, links to Catholic organizations and publications, a Catholic search engine and more.

Frontline Online: From Jesus to Christ 
Originally broadcast on PBS, information from this documentary about Jesus includes testimony from theologians, archaeologists and historians regarding Christ and early Christianity.

The Hindu Universe 
The Hindu Universe is a project of the Hindu Students Council in Needham, Mass. It features a Hindu calendar, a glossary of terms, and general information on Hindu arts, customs, worship, scripture and more. Links to other Hindu resources are included.

The WWW Bible Gateway 
The WWW Bible Gateway contains passages from the Bible in seven languages. A search engine allows users to find passages by entering key words. From the Gospel Communications Network.

Virtual Jerusalem: The Jewish World from the Heart of Israel 
The Virtual Jerusalem site provides access to a daily news service, a list of Jewish holidays, organizations, Internet sites, travel information and pictures of Jerusalem.

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