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October 4, 2001
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Times Headlines
Islam has never been more a focus of attention in the United States than in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Hundreds of Web sites offer information about the religion's beliefs, history and current issues. Since the attacks, many have posted on their home pages messages to express abhorrence of the terrorists' actions.News

Islamicity: Founded in 1995, this subscriber-and retail-supported site presents text and streaming video about events concerning Islam. The extensive site also includes community, business and travel information as well as scholarly essays. Membership is not required to access most of its features.



PBS: In connection with the documentary "Islam: Empire of Faith," the Public Broadcasting Service posted information about the origins and beliefs of the religion, as well as on Islamic cultures.



Internet Islamic History Sourcebook: Excerpts from writings about Islam, including a history of Arabic peoples before the religion was founded. The site is hosted by Fordham University.



Islam Chronology: A timeline of events in Islamic history. campus.northpark.edu/history/WebChron/Islam/Islam.html Maps: Historical maps of areas where Islam was founded and spread. ccat.sas.upenn.edu/~rs143/map.html


Koran: The religion's holy book is presented in its original Arabic and several translations.



Islamic Finder: Enter a ZIP code and this site will list nearby mosques and other religious centers. It also will provide a daily prayer time schedule, according to the area's position in relation to Mecca, the Muslim holy city. www.islamicfinder.org/index.php


Islamic Texts and Resources: Scholarly papers and essays about the religion can be found at this University of Buffalo site.



Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts: An online version of a brochure published to accompany a 1994 exhibition on discoveries by Arabic scientists of medieval and earlier times. www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/islamic_medical/islamic_00.html


Muslim Scientists, Mathematicians and Astronomers: A Web page dedicated to discoveries from the years 700 to 1500. users.erols.com/zenithco/index.html


Compiled by David Colker

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