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IslamiCity is a superbly organised resource, which represents a great starting point to exploring the Muslim faith on the internet, containing hundreds of pages of content presented from a Sunni perspective. The entry page clearly indicates the central areas of the site, hyperlinked under the IslamiCity logo. The left-hand side bar contains links to Community, Portal, Devotion and Commerce sections of the site. There's also an effective search engine. Once inside the site, in various zones, IslamiCity can be easily navigated via the hyperlinked top bar, and various sidebars.

IslamiCity is a well-managed website, offering detailed perspectives on Muslim faith, from introductory level to advanced.
Special Features

(linked on the left-hand side bar) features a substantial library of information central to Muslim faith, including prayer times, recitations of the Qur'an from noted exponents, and a recitation competition featuring children and young adults. Click on the Qur'an link, and a hyperlinked list of verses from the Revelation appears. Choose a section and a page will appear in the original Arabic, with options to view an English translation of the meaning or hear the verse recited (using RealPlayer).

Mosque (linked at the top of the index page) contains a series of links to pages of information about Islam, including material aimed at non-Muslim readers. Understanding Islam and Muslims is a succinct series of 22 slides, taking readers through the very basic principles of Muslim faith. Pillars discusses the Five Pillars of Islam in a short illustrated essay.

Cyber TV (linked at the top of the index page) offers various channels of Islamic content (using RealPlayer), including live and recorded broadcasts from Mecca and Medina, often taken from satellite broadcasts. Audio-visual quality can be variable, but the material is certainly atmospheric and offers insight into Muslim faith and practices. Channel 25 contains a beautiful slide show of Virtual Mosques, accompanied by a high-quality audio call to prayer.

Other Features

IslamiCity [email protected]
is advertised in the right-hand sidebars, and offers a wide range of Islamic products. These include Qur'ans (in printed and CDRom formats), books, video (including children's titles), and Gifts. IslamiCity provides secure server software for credit card orders, a shopping cart, and clearly explains its sales arrangements under the Policy section. IslamiCity also features an Ask the Imam service, where questions can be submitted to an expert, or previous answers viewed through access to the database.  
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