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In-depth Islamic resource featuring scripts, news, community, devotion, and much more.

Al Hajj: The Hajj & Umrah Info Portal
Comprehensive Info Portal about Islam's fifth pillar for non Muslims and Muslims alike. Religious, Islamic, travel, governmental info about the Islamic pilgrimage

Architecture of Islam
Access images of Islamic architecture from around the world.

Haqqani Foundation Homepage
Multilingual site to learn about Sufism--the Way of the Heart. Includes information, news and event schedule.

Islam Muslim Books
An online bookstore with descriptions of all items--books, software, audio tapes and videos--plus book reviews and news features.

Islamic search engine, news, links, and more.

Prayer Time Calculator
Enter your location to access local qibla and prayer times.

Sufi Traditions
Informative treatise on the Sufis, the mystical branch of Islam.

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  • 1~8 of 8 reviewed Web sites Best   Very Good   Good
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