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To:<[email protected]>

Date: Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Dear Website-Owner,

I am pleased to tell you that your website has been chosen for inclusion in
the BBC Education Web Guide. The Education Web Guide team were particularly
impressed by the quality and educational content of your site and have
placed a short review of it in our searchable database which can be accessed
by internet users everywhere.

The BBC Education Web Guide brings you the newest and best websites for
learning at home, at school and at college and university. The sites
included in the BBC Education Web Guide have been hand-picked by a team of
subject specialists and scrutinised for educational rigour by experts at BBC
Education. The Guide provides a one-stop shop for the best educational
resources on the internet and is the focal point for all of the BBC's
educational resources.

Yours sincerely,

Tanya Piejus
Editorial Assistant
British Broadcasting Corporation
BBC Education Web Guide