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Each month, RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY chooses a Web site we find to be a significant contribution to religion and ethics. For March, 2001, our Site of the Month is Islamicity at:

Islamicity Established in 1995, IslamiCity is an online information service for the global Muslim community (1.6 billion people worldwide). It's mission is to employ new technologies in order to provide a worldwide audience with the most comprehensive source of information regarding Islam and Muslims. In addition to being a community portal for information exchange, IslamiCity is an e-Commerce hub providing goods and services for Muslims worldwide.

Here users will find a vast offering of articles, ranging from general news to an explanation of the five pillars of Islam, including a step-by-step guide to the Hajj -- the pilgrimmage to Mecca. One section provides accurate prayer times for almost any city throughout the world, while another contains RealAudio files of recitations from the Qur'an, in both Arabic and English. An online Bazaar makes appropriate merchandise available, and Chat Rooms and Message Boards allow for the exchange of ideas.

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Gospel choir

In commemoration of Black History Month, we examine the role that gospel music plays in the African-American church.

Thomas Dixon Tyler, director of Music Ministries at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Washington, DC, talks about gospel music and explains that the energy of gospel music comes from history. "I look at this as more of a spiritual experience. It's an experience that took a people from one place of despair and oppression and opened up the windows of possibilities for hope."

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