Q. Can I record more than myself on one video tape?
A. Yes you can, as long as each entry is properly documented with the registration number. We suggest you write on a piece of paper - name, key number corresponding with the video recording. It is always a good idea to introduce yourself before beginning your recitation. This will help our digitizers to identify who's who?

Q. How does the judging take place?
A. Qualified Quranic Reciters (Qaris) view each entry. They use the following three criterias (1) Qiraah (2) Ada (3) Tajweed. It is highly recommended to pay due attention to all three of the criteria. 
Read more on Scoring process.

Q. Why cannot I see my own video playback properly?
A. Well, the connection speed is a big variable. Videos generally requires high bandwidth. If you are operating at 56.6K bps modem, your viewing may not be as smooth as someone operating at a high speed DSL or Cable Modem.

Q. Why do I have to record so early and send you the video?
A. Although you are entitled to ship us your video until the last day, but if you send it as soon as you feel you are ready to participate, it will help us begin the digitizing. Last year, we received over 80% of the entries during the last week of the competition. This resulted in sleepless nights of our digitizers and extra load on judges. Be considerate to your brothers and sisters who volunteer hundreds of hours in digitizing your videos.

Q. Can I participate if I am just a day less than 5 years and/or a day more than 25 years?
A. Although this may sound otherwise but to be fair to everyone we request to be excused for our inability to accommodate such requests.

Q. Are the judges qualified?
A. Yes, all the Judges are widely respected among Muslim communities for their qualifications.

Q. What happens when I win  & how do I go about and claim my prize?
A. You will be contacted via email and/or phone. You would then be introduced to the sponsor for further coordination.






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