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April 29, 2017 | Sha`ban 3, 1438
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Zabiha Meat: (Q:1802) I'm sorry but I gave the wrong Email address in question # 1801 please send reply to the correct one above. X
Zabiha Meat: (Q:1848) Assalm Wu Aalaikum Thanks for my answer #1565 But I m note satify, In Shariat Hallal Definition is that animal whic is being be Zibah must slaughter by a muslim & reside a Takbeer. It means each an... X
Zabiha Meat: (Q:2952) Q : Is Non Zabiha meet " Haram " ? X
Zabiha Meat: (Q:1565) Can we eat frozen chicken export by Denmark or Brazil saling at supermarket with mark Halal. X
Zajat: (Q:37975) assalamualekum.I forgot to pay my zakat al-fitr before the Idil fitr prayers I would like to know what I should do in this case. Im very confused. assalam. X
Zakah : A mutual social security system devised by Allah (Q:4950) Sometime back when I was on vacation, someone I know needed financial help. I gave her some of my zakah, which was a substantial amount. I did not mention that what I gave her was zakah money, but I t... X
Zakah charity.: (Q:44824) Assalamualaikum May Allah blessed and forgive all of us in this Ramadan. Before I ask question, I like to give a clear picture what I want to do. I like to create a trust fund in one of the poorest c... X
Zakah: (Q:5643) Asslamualikum, Dear Brother, I already asked you a question about Zakat.And I have got your answer. But I don't understand clearly. So I am request ing you one more time. Please give me the answ... X
Zakah: (Q:24576) I am living in USA and in 2002 I bought a house (for residential purpose) for $178,000 on loan (in which I have paid about $78,000). In 2005, I purchased a land (for residential purpose) in Pakistan o... X
Zakah: (Q:2206) I am a male and I engaged and manage to marry so, I save 200 L.E. per month for this purpose. I am wandering How and how much I can make the ZAKA of this money. Pls answer me in details as possible as... X
Zakah: (Q:2137) Assalam-u-Aliakum, I wanted the exact amount of Zakaat in US Dollars for the year 1997 on my assets which are in the form of Gold, weighing 60 Tolaas (24 Karat). If I haven't paid Zakaat for the l... X
Zakah: (Q:24393) I sold a house , do I have to pay zakat on the total sale amount. X
Zakah: (Q:8094) i want to know about zakat for a person outside saudi arabia? X
Zakah: (Q:1725) Dear Brother, Would you please comment on the correct annual % of zakat Al- Maal. Thank yu. X
Zakah: (Q:2121) What is the shroot al zakah and when we should do it . and for whom we should give . is the saving account in the bank is reyba . and what you suggest to me to do. ... X
Zakah: (Q:8109) Salam wa'alakum wa rahmatallah wa Barakatu, I am speaking for my father who has a question about Zakat: He had an IRA account for his pension. Is paying Zakat on it mandatory now, since he does... X
Zakah: (Q:2237) assalama aliakum please tell me how many dollars of zakat are paid on per thosand dollars and per gram of 22k gold.can i pay this zakat throughout the year? X
Zakah: (Q:3208) Assalamu'alaikum wr wb How to calculate a zakah for my monthly income (salary only). As far I know is 2.5% of the income, However, Is it based on net or gross income and when do I have to pay my zaka... X
Zakah: (Q:1794) Dear Imam, Assalam O Alaikum! My question is about "ZAKAT".I have bought a piece of land for residential purpose do I have to pay zakat on it.Please remember that this is lying empty now and I am... X
Zakah: 401k Plan (Q:25755) Do i have to issue Zakat Al Mal for my 401 K (retirment plan)? Thanks. X
Zakah: A tax liability? (Q:4951) I live in a rented accommodation, since I do not have a house of my own. I have earmarked a certain amount of my savings for the purchase of a plot of land to built a house. Since I have not been able... X
Zakah: Can step-children be beneficiaries of zakah? (Q:4952) Could you please consider the case of a widow with three children who were about to be thrown out on the street by the landlord for failing to pay the rent. Having heard of what had happened, a kind h... X
Zakah: Debts (Q:5802) I'm buying a house and the closing date is April 29 in which I need to pay the balance of the downpayment. I pay the Zakat on March 21. Am I supposed to pay Zakat on that balance or it's cons... X
Zakah: Debts (Q:5510) I got some money from my retirementmet benifit.I add some money with this and buy one kind of Islamic Bond Named MUDARABA BOND from an Islamic Bank which is governed by Islamic Law. This is a Bond of ... X
Zakah: Deduction by the state on savings accounts (Q:4953) In Pakistan, government deducts zakah directly from bank deposits of Sunni Muslims. Those who are Shi'a or Ismailis are exempt from this provided they submit a statement signed under oath and witnesse... X
Zakah: Diamond (Q:25758) Please help to understand somthing about Zakat. 1-Does Zakat is due on diamond and other stones? If not than why? because than I can convert savings into diamond and save my zakat money. 2-Does zak... X
Zakah: Expenditure - are these legitimate zakah expenses? (Q:4954) My brother who used to be a zakah-payer sent his son abroad for higher education. However, the rising cost of education had stretched his means. He is now borrowing money in order to pay his son. I do... X
Zakah: Family arrangements of a 'house-zakah' liability (Q:4955) A few years ago I bought a house and registered it in my wife's name for the simple reason that I want her to be independent when I die. As we are living in Saudi Arabia, I have made arrangements to l... X
Zakah: In Advance (Q:33677) Is it acceptable to pay the Zakath before the year end ? X
Zakah: Installments (Q:28533) Assalamo Alaikum. REGARDING ZAKAT: The company where i work at has asked for (voluntary) donations of any amount of money, to be continued for any period of time and of any amount as contribution to a... X
Zakah: Installments (Q:29617) Can we calculate the Zakat once a solar calender or is it mandatory to do it once a lunar year and is it mandatory that the zakat due should be given off in charity within the given lunar year, Can we... X
Zakah: Intention (Q:27058) I run a NGO and I gave Sadaqa funds to it wichi I have not spent. Can I convert them into Zakat. Thanks X
Zakah: Investment (Q:24555) Assalu Alaikum, ZAKA'AT Iam an employee of a big company,last year my company sold shares(public offer) they offered us (employees)an opportunuty to invest by giving us loan to buy the shares.Th... X
Zakah: Investment (Q:29225) Dear imam, i entered into an agreement with a company (which says they invest in oil) where i gave them $4,000 as capital and was paid (10%)$400 every month by the company. So far i have received $440... X
Zakah: Investment (Q:24556) Zakat on investments. How is the Nisab calculated on investment? For Example, I own 100 shares in IBM which I bought at $50 in the year 2000 for total investomet of $5000. Today in 2007 the shares are... X
Zakah: Investment of zakah money (Q:4956) I plan to establish a trust out of zakah and charity (i.e. sadaqah) money and invest such funds in some profitable business. My plan is to distribute the annual earnings of the business to deserving s... X
Zakah: Jewellery (Q:33282) Assalamualikum. i would like to clarify about the zakat for gold.i have about 1000 gms of gold which was given during my wedding which has now completed 1 lunar year in my possession. my doubt is a... X
Zakah: Jewellery (Q:28802) A woman owns and keeps for one year silver jewelry of 1,000 grams. What is due for Zakah on it? X
Zakah: Jewellery (Q:5527) Is it true that zakat does not apply to a women's jewellery if it is according to her status and not for investment reason.Also does it apply to diamonds as they have sometimes more value than gol... X
Zakah: Jewellery (Q:7931) We know that the zakah percentage is 2.5% but we need to know that is Zakah also due on the jewelery which the women use in there daily life. Please give us detail ASAP. Thanks X
Zakah: Land (Q:34228) i have many friends here who think that they need not pay zakah on vacant lands. most of the NRI's invest majorly on buying lands in india with the intention of the daily increase in land prices.M... X
Zakah: Land (Q:32324) I have a empty land of 1000 sqft.Please advice me weather i need to pay ZAKAH.This Land was purchase in the intention of build a house for my own use. X
Zakah: Mahr (Q:24060) Salam alaikum, can we give our all Mehr money in Sadqa or Zakah? X
Zakah: Mahr (Dowry) (Q:24551) do women have to pay zakat on their Mahr if its in jewlery ,land or realestate,or livestock . X
Zakah: Medicines (Q:29382) Dear Imam I received the answer, thank you but I id not understand it. So, I am sending it again. "I am originally from bangladesh and now living in Canada. I used to work in bangladesh as a physici... X
Zakah: Monthly Basis (Q:5439) Salam Alaikum, On the subject of Zakat. Is it permissible to pay Zakat each month? In other words, look back 355 days to see what assets were on hand at that time and compare to the present and pa... X
Zakah: On (employment) savings plans (Q:4957) Our company deducts ten percent of the salary of its employees and invests the amount and gives profits or deducts losses and it also gives an accrued reward as well as earning on that reward. This ma... X
Zakah: On unproductive land (Q:4958) I have invested my savings in buying some plots of land which are now lying vacant and unproductive. I have a mind to dispose of them and to invest otherwise. I want to build a house of my own and sta... X
Zakah: On women's jewelry in relation to her social status (Q:4959) I have heard that women need not pay zakah on jewelry, if it is within the limits of their social status. Is the above criterion not ambiguous? How does a woman quantify her jewelry in relation to her... X

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