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May 22, 2017 | Sha`ban 26, 1438
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Wahabis & Sunnis: (Q:4897) In countries of the Indian Subcontinent, there are two groups of Muslims who call themselves Wahabis and Sunnis. They are always engaged in vigorous arguments which may sometimes lead to fighting. Nev... X
wahabiyyah & Ashariyyah: (Q:2618) what are the main diferances between the wahabiyyah and the ash ariyyah? which is the best school to follow? X
Wahhabi Movement : (Q:2110) Assalamuailaikum I would appreciate it if you could briefly explain what is 'Wahabi' and what the 'movement' is all about. X
Wahhabi Movement : (Q:2111) Assalamuailaikum I would appreciate it if you could briefly explain what is 'Wahabi' and what the 'movement' is all about. X
Wahhabism: (Q:1457) WHAT IS WAHHABISM? X
Wajib: Basic definiton of (Q:4898) Wajib: Basic definiton of X
Wakil and Wali: (Q:3469) I have a question concerning the wallia. I would like to know could a sister's walli, or wakeel be changed if she feels he is not acting in her best interest? X
Walima.: (Q:2886) Assalaam Alaikum, My question is about Walima. First question does the woman have to cook for her walima and can it be catered? When hosting the Walima for guest that are Muslim and Non-Musli... X
WALIMA.: (Q:44907) Assalaamualaikum. I recently had my mahr and Alhamdulillah now married to my wife. At current we live in different countries but I visit home regularly and see her often (She still lives with her pare... X
Walk in Place With Pictures of...: (Q:777) My dear Imam, Do you think that it is against Islam if I walk in a room with images of pigs on the walls? Please answer me fast because it is such a terrible question for a muslim like me. X
War: (Q:684) Why is there so many deaths in islamic countries due to wars and so on? X
War: (Q:622) I am writing a reaserch paper on the Islamic beleifs on how to conduct war and how war take part in the religion, please send me you answer X
Washing dead and no water: tayammum (Q:34591) If somebody is dead and there is no water to wash him X
Watching TV: (Q:2319) salam alaikum, is it haram to watch tv knowing that one may see a very attractive person there and thus sinning in watching this person to much? X
water purity.: (Q:44825) I've a boring in my home small well .... but i recently have come to know that the water has changed it's smell and this maybe due to the drain / gatar line has mixed with well water ... altho... X
Waxing: (Q:6430) assalam alaikum: as u replied for my question # 6362, what i understood from the answer you gave me is that to remore my pibic and under arm hair i am not allowed to uncover these parts of my body in... X
Waxing: (Q:6362) assalm alaikum: according to my knowledge waxing is the best way to get rid of the extra hair for a long time, all the other methods like shaving and hair removing creams etc just last for a week or ... X
Ways to Arm Oneself to reply effectively ....: (Q:1121) Asalamu Alaikum, I have a question about how to answer myself when confronted with certain articles people throw at me about Islam and how it is compared to Christianity. I, myself, know what I... X
Wearing code.: (Q:44940) Is it haram to wear skinny jeans for women even with a long, loose shirt? X
Wearing diamond by men.: (Q:40794) Are men allowed to wear diamonds; If I remember correctly; they are only allowed silver; while women are allowed to wear gold, diamond or other jewlery? X
Wearing gold by men: (Q:35186) Is wearing of gold for male, according to quran is forbidden(Haram). If yes then pl quote the verses. X
Wearing gold or silk: (Q:35358) Why gold and silk are forbidden for gents? X
Wearing Makeup: (Q:1487) Asalamualaikum. My question concerns make - up. I was wondering if it is haram to wear makeup in public ( as in in front of men who I wear hejab in front of.) Is it not recommended or actua... X
Wearing tight shirt.: (Q:44266) Salam Alaykom, Is wearing a shirt that its tight on chest and arms and shows the muscles haram ? X
Web Site: (Q:3496) I am trying to develop a web page for our Islamic personnel. I would appreciate any recommendations you could give on good web sites, especially in the areas of family, singles, and youth. X
Web Site: (Q:2055) Assalamualykum, I would like to know if the information about islam on the site www.submission.org is accurate. Thank you. X
Wedding - etiquette: (Q:3948) Asalam Alaikum Brother I am of age 21 and would like to marry;although I know that my parents do not have to legally give me away since I am 21. My question is, the majority of my family is Christi... X
Wedding Ceremony: (Q:987) I would like to know exactly what goes on during an Islamic wedding ceremony. I would appreciate details regarding prayers said, who is in attendence, what is worn, if there is any traditional food s... X
Wet Dreams & Masturbation: (Q:720) Dear Imam. As-salam alaikum. My question to you is, are wet dreams and masturbation the same thing? What is the Islamic viewpoint on masturbation? In today's society, many Muslim brothers and s... X
Wet dreams and fasting.: (Q:44608) imam , please can wet dreams invalidate ones fasting ? if yes what how can one go about it so far as it is concerned. X
Wet dreams: (Q:40701) If you have a wet dream, do you need to change your bed covers, blanket, etc.? X
What can we ask for a Deceased Person: (Q:767) As-salamu alaikum. What are some things a person can say in du'a for someone (Muslim) who is dead? Can we ask Allah Ta'ala to forgive him or her? What can we say when we visit the grave of a per... X
What to Say when a non-Muslim Sneezes: (Q:1103) Assalamu alaikum, I wanted to know if its alright to say bless you when a non muslim sneezes. And when if a Muslim sneezes should the Muslim say thank you ??? X
What to Say when a Person Dies.: (Q:1309) 1. What did prophet Muhammad s.a.w. used to read/say when ta'ziyah to the family that just loss (died) one of the family ? 2. In our community, there is a tradition, to read surah Yasin in the hou... X
When a Person Leaves Islam: (Q:1089) To Iman or whoever. I am 15 year old muslim that follows the five pillars of Islam and reads the Quran. I also read anything I can read about Islam in the news. I heared of a man that left Isl... X
when Are you going to answer: (Q:219) Assalam-o-Aleykum, I have submitted a question about ten days ago, may be more, I am not sure, it was question No. 180. When can I expect an answer? Was-salam X
when Are you going to answer: (Q:218) How long does some one has to normally wait for an answer here? Nov 19/96 5:17 pm EST. X
when Are you going to answer: (Q:158) Dear Imam- Why did you skip over Question 124. You skipped that question, but answered everyone after that. Why? Do you not have the answer for the question. The question been up there for weeks and y... X
when Are you going to answer: (Q:388) Respected Imam, Salam-o-Alaikum. I request you to kindly combine Q 247 and Q 386 while giving Fatwa. thank you. X
when Are you going to answer: (Q:92) Salam Alaikum My dear brother , Sorry to bother you so much i went through This is regarding to your answer to Q78 I went through the whole page from Q1 to Q90 I didnot find the Question or the answ... X
when Are you going to answer: (Q:476) In the name of God, the most gracest, the most merciful Asolomolakum.. Hello this is Kendra. I have a very importent question for you so if you can help me. X
when Are you going to answer: (Q:579) Did you answer my question # 575 ffrom yesterday?? X
when Are you going to answer: (Q:475) Could you please answer question #338 as soon as possible for I need to know the path to follow and I fear I will get stuck in the situation that I am in. Please answer it nad may Allah reward you. ... X
When does a day start - according to Islamic traditions?: (Q:4899) When does a day start - according to Islamic traditions? X
When Does Questioning of the Deceased Person by the angels Start?: (Q:1258) As salam-u-alaikum After the death when is the questioning done, because here in Canada or U.S.A cremation is done after 3 or 4 days. Please answere as soon as possible. ... X
Where to Settle: (Q:3268) I work in US and my wife is in India. I have an option now to go back to India or stay here in US and get my wife here to stay with me. I find the environment in India (the part that I live in) to ... X
Which translation of the Qur'an do you recommend? : (Q:4789) Which translation of the Qur'an do you recommend? X
White gold : (Q:4900) Is it forbidden for a Muslim man to carry anything made of gold or of silk? The other day I was told that silver too is forbidden, but the so-called "white gold" is allowed. I tried to refute both poi... X

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