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April 25, 2017 | Rajab 29, 1438
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Valentine day: (Q:40083) Is celebrating valentine day offensive in Islam? My son goes to a K.G school in a public school where he was encouraged to bring valentine cards for other students as it would show love and gratitude ... X
Validity of marriage: (Q:40230) Me and my husband got married in a registry office, he is a born muslim and i am a born christian but neither of us was religious. now he wants to repent and come back to islam and i want to take my s... X
Vegetarian: (Q:2290) is it HARAM for a muslim to be a vegetarian? X
Vegetarian: (Q:2289) is it HARAM for a muslim to be a vegetarian? X
Ventilator: (Q:3309) Dear Sirs: Several months ago (5 months), my son was diagnosed with a Type III Neuropathy. At first, my son was taken to the hospital because of a blue spell episode. Through ultra-sounds, the doct... X
veterinarian: (Q:1285) As-salamu alaikum. Is it acceptable in Islam for a Muslim to be a veterinarian (animal doctor)? They should not perform neutering or spaying of animals (making them stop reproducing) or euthanasia... X
Video and photography: (Q:4893) Does Islam prohibit the use of video cameras or taking pictures, for any purpose? Could you cite any reference to such a prohibition in the Qur'an or the Hadith? X
Video Games: (Q:262) Is video game making or playing haram? X
Video of a wedding: (Q:4894) In my part of the world, Muslim scholars object to the taking of photographs and videos of weddings, saying that it is un-Islamic to do so. What is the Islamic view on this? X
Vigilante group formed to enforce Islamic laws: (Q:4895) I have recently received a letter from my hometown where the community is multi-religious but the majority are unbelievers. The letter says that Muslims have formed a vigilante group, constraining all... X
Visit Graves of Saints: (Q:1137) Is it permissible for a Muslim to visit graves of saints? X
Visiting a church: (Q:2153) Can a muslim man visit a christian church without offending his religion? X
Visiting a church: (Q:2157) Can a muslim man attend a service at a christian church without offending his religion? X
Visiting fiance's residence.: (Q:41465) My dad says I cannot go with my mom to visit my fiancee because it is haram and is not permissible in Islam. I have reason to believe it is not true. But just to double check, is it? X
Visiting Graves: (Q:5514) i m married n have a child ,girl my husband is a very tipical indian man who goes 2 dead place like darga n i was born in saudiarabia(ryd)my father died last year 2004 n i dint wanted 2 marry as my fa... X
Visiting graveyards : (Q:4896) What is the Islamic view of visiting the graves of relatives to pray Allah to make the soul of the deceased rest in peace? People also visit the tombs of saints, thinking that such visits will make Al... X
Visiting graveyards : (Q:374) How far it is right to visit DARGAH and MAGARS i.e graves of Sufies. Thank You. X
Visiting Sick Person: (Q:1340) Assalaam alaykum. I know of a Muslim brother who had emergency surgery and even when he got out of the hospital and went home some Muslim brothers he knew didn't phone him as soon as they found... X
Visiting the Dome of the Rock: (Q:1473) Assalamualaikum, What is the position of Islam for one who wish to visit masjidil aqsa at this time when the holy land is under enemy occupation. Jazakumullahukhairan kathira for the answer H... X
Visiting the Masjid for the First Time: (Q:2411) I am new to Islam for about one year and I want to make my first visit to the masjid in Ramadan...I am married to muslim. I still need to learn much more and i want to help my husband to be straight ... X
Vitro Fertilization: (Q:985) As salaam aleikum! I have a question about sperm donation or sperm banks. If a man is incapabe of making babies with his wife, it it allowed to recieve sperm from unknown men through a sperm-bank?... X
Vitro Fertilization: (Q:1032) Has there been a FATWA and where does Islam stands about the following: Clinicly controling human egg fertlization, by seperating male and female semens and picking the ones of choice, to deci... X
Vitro Fertilization: (Q:961) Salaam Ailaikum ; I have questions about. oocyte donation for IVF(Invitro- fertiliztion) To be pregnacy with other women's egg . We are married,but my wife has a ovarian failure.She has failed ... X
Volunteer: (Q:1735) I am an American-born muslima that majored in English at college. Now that I am out of school and working - I was wondering you know of any way I can volunteer my services to help Islam. Do you kn... X
Voting: (Q:705) Is it halal (lawful) for Muslims to vote if all the candidates are kufar (unbelievers) and won't be implementing the Sharia? X

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