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April 29, 2017 | Sha`ban 3, 1438
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Udhiya meat : (Q:2901) if i can't find pepole give him from dahea eid what i can do slam alekom X
Udhiya: Cutting Hair (Q:33426) Is it compulsary not to cut hair and shave for people who do not perform hajj also. X
Udhiya: Cutting Hair (Q:33453) Salamu alaikum; The Hadith "witnessing Dhul-Hijjah and intend to sacrifice & not cutting nails or hair" I have recently heard that this only applies to those one Hajj... or is the Hadith also inclu... X
Udhiya: Cutting Hair (Q:30356) Ass/Alleikum Imaam, thank so much for ur answers on Hajj rituals God bless u & the miracles of these ausp. days, Ameen ! follows is my another doubt:We arguments with fellow muslims: the issue of Hajj... X
Udhiya: Failed To Offer (Q:33480) Salaam Alaikum Imam, This year I was distracted and didn't keep track of when I should donate my qurbani. Now it's too late for me to offer it. How do I go about making this up if it'... X
Udhiya: On Behalf of Deceased (Q:30100) can one sacrifice animal on behalf of dead person on the occasion of eid ul adha. X
Udhiya: One for Whole Family (Q:24583) assalamalaikum dear brothers, i am an indian housewife.i was married 4 yrs ago.my family does not sacrifice a goat on my behalf at all.my dad used to sacrifice one for self and one for mom by ALLAH(... X
Udhiya: One for Whole Family (Q:30269) My family consists of my mother, fother, one brother single, one brother married with wife and two little daighters,and my self with my wife and three childern. We live together in one house as joint ... X
Udhiya: Ruling (Q:19107) what is Qurbani. X
Udhiya: Ruling (Q:33287) after slaughtering the animal is there any rule about how to wash the meat. X
Udhiya: Shares in Sacrifice (Q:33394) Is it right to have 6 share in a cow.Because the butcher here in Michigan where we go and do sacrifice said that he can only cut the cow in 6 shares only.so we have 4 cows with 6 share each.Is it righ... X
Udhiya: Significance (Q:33361) concept of qurbani.procedure of sacrificing an animal X
Umra and Bath.: (Q:43861) Respected, I want to ask that after performing umra is it must to have bath to remove ahram.because one of my friend residing in jeddah they never bath after sayee to remove ahram. jazak ALLAH X
Umra and hajj.: (Q:42421) After performing Umra of Tamatttu and before commencement of Hajj ,may we go al- Hill area which is within Miqat but outside Haram boundary for example to visit Arafat,Ta'nim or say Jeddah and... X
Umrah: (Q:40832) if one's want to perform umrah on behalf of his-her deceased relative, can one umrah be performed for more than one person (like for both grand mother and grand father) X
Umrah: (Q:3757) If one goes to mecca for Umrah and does not go to medina would it be wrongful on his part especially if he is performing umrah en route? X
Umrah: (Q:41062) We planned Umrah and left house doing 2 rakat salah but from frankfurt they return us because my mother in law visa was expire in this case so I have to give dum for making niyat and not going for um... X
Umrah: (Q:2344) I am going to perform Umra next week. What are the procedures I have to go through to accomplish this! I am travelling from Colombo. X
Umrah: A duty (Q:4879) If one performed the Umrah, must he also perform Haj? Is it true that if he does not, the Umrah will not be valid? X
Umrah: Consecutive Umrahs (Q:4880) Can one person perform a second Umrah immediately after he has finished the first one? X
Umrah: Entering the state of Consecration [i.e. Ihram] (Q:4881) If I travel in Jeddah for some personal business and then perform Umrah after its completion, where do I enter into the state of consecration? X
Umrah: Ihram (Q:36955) I know we need to wear Ihram when we arrive at Jiddah. But our journey will be such, can we go to our hotel, rest, perhaps even the same day or next day perform Umrah? Or do have to perform Umrah as s... X
Umrah: Ihram from Jehhah (Q:36763) ASAK, My husband and I are inshaAllah going to Saudi Arabia in the first week of April this year, our intention is to complete umrah whilst we are there. On the day we arrive in Jeddah My husband will... X
Umrah: In the month of Shawwal (Q:4882) 1. I went to Jeddah in connection with my work. When I was preparing to go to Makkah for Umrah after finishing my work, my friends advised me that since it was the month of Shawwal, no one may offer t... X
Umrah: Offered on the 9th, 10th or 11th of Thul-Hajjah (Q:4883) The author of a book in Urdu says that Umrah cannot be offered on the 9th, 10th or 11th of Thul-Hajjah, even if one has performed the pilgrimage. Please comment. X
Unanswerd: (Q:1390) essalam alaykoum oua rahmatou llah X
Unborn child: (Q:34392) Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, I pray you are doing well. I have a question about making du'a. A nonMuslim friend of mine recently confided in me that there may be possible complications ... X
Unclear Question: (Q:3400) WWW.ISLAM.ORG X
Unclear Question: (Q:53) OOPS! Question #51 should begin: 'I know that in Islam there is NOT really a stated concept for what it is which constitutes Allah...' Sorry for any confusion. X
Unclear Question: (Q:1368) Where can i find the prayer scheudule program for my computer and the translated quran for my computer? X
Unclear Question: (Q:154) Correction to que.#153: Sorry, I meant that the first choice might result in an opposite reaction (not a positive one).. Please consider that in your answer.. Thank you.. X
Unclear Question: (Q:1158) sdsds X
Unclear Question: (Q:1866) what is a forbidden fruit in a sexual relation while performing with own wife? X
Unclear Question: (Q:932) bagaimana sekularisme dalam persepektif islam X
Unclear Question: (Q:3404) how can we (mandi hadas) and what should we do if we want to taubat. X
Unclear Question: (Q:3298) Can you please explain to me, if there are any authentic hadith showing anything concerning Laila-tul baraat. I would like to know if it is true that on this night we maybe forgiven for our si... X
Unclear Question: (Q:1495) essalam alaykoom X
Unclear Question: (Q:1709) Why do women addopt different posture in sujud and while sitting for Attaheyat? Where as to my very limited knowledge I have not found any such Hadit to support this. Please reply with dalil. Thanks X
Unclear Question: (Q:2602) if i have to marry a non-muslim X
Unclear Question: (Q:1815) criteria for membership X
Unclear Question: (Q:1411) q:what your opinion about sifte rasool sllalaho allahe wasalam hazir-o-nazir (shahid-o-moajood).please give me answer through quraan-o-hadthies. X
Unclear Question: (Q:91) Assalammu Alaikum Wa Rahmutallah HOW dO I GET TO THE PAGE? I NEED TO STUDY SOME HADITH TO PREPARE FOR A SPEECH TODAY X
Unclear Question: (Q:3098) habeen ayaan dukanaayey salaad isha,markii aan sujuuday rakcadii labaad,ayaa shaydaan igu furay tahshuush,ama sidaa aad u taqaanid shucaac,markaas ayaan iloobay inaan aqriyo ataxiyaadkii labaad,markii... X
Unclear Question: (Q:1956) Is it considered not good to remind another muslim of what he is owed? X
Unclear Question: (Q:1125) May ALLAH bless you, What postion does Louis Farrakhan have in Islam? Thank you and Peace be with you. X
Unclear Question: (Q:97) Can you give me information about some signs that the Day of Judgement will come, and how it came about? Thanks X
Unclear Question: (Q:1192) nuraian sifat ilmu X
Unclear Question: (Q:557) Can i go to wrk and then break my fast with my parents during Ietekaf X

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