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March 27, 2017 | Jumada Al-Thani 29, 1438
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Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination), women on Menstruation cycle donít have to rnake up Prayers: (Q:1440) Assalamualaikum i am an Islam from birth and will like to clarify my doubts is there such thing as Kadaq? also why must we repay our prayers when we miss the waktu but if ladies who have their m... X
Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination): (Q:2921) assalaamualaikum ,I know that Allah writes in the Book (Lauh Mahfudz) or rather the Preserved Tablet the actions men are going to do i.e. predestination. Is what He writes based on His power to make m... X
Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination): (Q:3336) Salaam.I have never understood fully about al-qadar.I believe that everything is written and no matter if it is good or bad we should say Humdillah. The part I have never understood is this, if everyt... X
Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination): (Q:657) How can we believe in two seemingly contradictory ideas: fate and the free will of man? Please explain the relationship between the two. Barakallahufeek. X
Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination): (Q:1172) A friend of my bother(non-muslim Aerican) wants to find a text -SPECIALLY ON THE INTERNET-that clarify the concept of fatalism :QADA' & QADAR and the aspects in which person is unfree mosayyar... X
Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination): (Q:1907) Please define and explain the concept of the sixth article of faith (predestination). Thank you. X
Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination): (Q:3631) As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatu-Allah wa Barakatuh I am a Muslim Alhamdullilah, and I believe in Islam. However, I have always had one question that I have not been able to have answered by anyone. Co... X
Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination): (Q:3630) As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatu-Allah wa Barakatuh I am a Muslim Alhamdullilah, and I believe in Islam. However, I have always had one question that I have not been able to have answered by anyone. Co... X
Qada'a & Qadar (freewill & predestination): (Q:753) Salam Alaikum My question is about a hadith in Sahih Bukhari volume 4 book 54 number 430 narrated Abdullah bin Mus'ud: allah's Apostle, the true and truly inspired said, a human being is put... X
Qadiyani: (Q:7390) What do you think about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Saheb of Qadin? X
Qadiyani: (Q:7311) As.salam alaikum warahmatullahu wa makfaratu....Dear imam may Allahs blessing be on u me and the whole muslim ummah....Amin....i would like to ask u about Mirzais what are they?why did the Holy prophe... X
Qadiyani: (Q:7206) In your answer to Q.2261 People of Book you said "In Islam, they are considered disbelievers (Kafirs) because they disbelieved in the message and the prophethood of prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Why Ahamad... X
Qadiyani: (Q:3155) This is my second time of me questioning you in this program of yours. Till this very second I haven't received the answers of my first question to you for almost a month -- you should be ashamed of y... X
Qasar Prayer: (Q:42085) 1)As per mu understanding,Namaz e Qasar will be allowed during Travel.In Current situation, we travelled to some other place for job purpose and staying their for a long time and as of now no intentio... X
Qasr prayer.: (Q:45048) About the journey prayer(salat kasr) is it permisible for one to observed the journey prayers (i.e shortened from four rakats to two) for more than four days as stipulated by certain mazhabas? X
Qathif: (Slanderer or the False Accuser) (Q:3398) What is the punishment for some one who accused some one of commiting adultry without a proof, more or less if it is a false accusation.? and how do we deel with him in anon Muslim country. X
Qazaa praying: (Q:34770) when praying QAZZA namaaz fro instance Fajr we pray 2 rakat for QAZAA anf Zugr QAZAA do we pray 4 rakaat farz qazaa or only 2 rakaat farz qazaa Thanks X
Qibla direction: (Q:34356) Assalamu alikum, I am in uzbekistan in the Karakalpakstan-Nukus region. Unfortunately here many people do not have the islamis practice(who ever see this please ask from allah to give all this pro... X
Qibla, Wiping over Socks: (Q:2627) i live in toronto and i was wondering which way qibla would be for me - im very confused b.c some mosques that i go to face north east but the msa at my university face south east also could you ... X
Qibla: Direction (Q:2932) Assalam-o-Alaikum. I live in Toronto, Canada. If you look at that map of the world, Toronto is located sort of north-west from Mecca Mukaramah. That, I think means that when we prey, we should pray in... X
Qibla: Direction (Q:1685) There is a concensus among Muslim scholars that whoever is north of Mecca prays to the south, west of it to the east, east to west and south to north. Why then do people use invalid unwarranted proofs... X
Qibla: Direction (Q:697) asalamo aliakum, dear brother in Islam i would like to know the qibla in Toronto because ther has been many discussion about it, and all the mosques in Toronto pray in the north-west direction and som... X
Qibla: Direction (Q:1590) Selaam Aleykum In north America, is kibla northerly or southeasterly? X
Qibla: Direction (Q:1684) There is a concensus among Muslim scholars that whoever is north of Mecca prays to the south, west of it to the east, east to west and south to north. Why then do people use invalid unwarranted proofs... X
Qiblah: Why Jerusalem and then Makkah (Q:4762) A Christian friend of mine argues that the city of Jerusalem is to be preferred to Makkah, even by Muslims for two reasons: the fact that it was the first qiblah (direction of prayer) and that it was ... X
Qudsi Hadith : (Q:4763) You often use the expression in your replies such as "Allah says" or "Allah says in a Qudsi Hadith". Are these sayings a deduction by the Prophet from the Qur'anic injunctions? Please explain. X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:455) Dear Imam, Asslamo Alekom. in question no.317 (regarding the state of non-muslims nice and friendly people after the day of judgement) I was excepecting that your answer would be that no matter h... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:1517) Respected Alim,Assalamu Alaikum,My 1st question is about "Share Market".Is it Halal or Haram? in our Islamand. My 2nd question is why we should to follow 4 imams ? Is there any proof in QURAN o... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:1918) where is the biggest mosque in the world; what is it's capacity and when was it built? X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:1233) If a Muslim wants to marry and she wants too, are they allowed to meet in public without the knowledge of their parents just to talk and with the niyya to marry and to know each other X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:530) As-salamu alaikum. Re: childlessness in Islam. I am a 27 year old Muslima, married for a year and a half, masha'Allah. I plan to try to have children in the future, insha'Allah, but I am curiou... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:726) As-salamu alaikum. Regarding question #717 from the Shia person. There are no sects in Islam; there is only ONE Islam. So there's no need to say, I'm a such and such type of Muslim. Islam is bas... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:1135) Assalamualaikum... I would like to know ...what is the 'hukum' or judgement of men wearing necklace. ...what should i do if i touch a coat made of pig's skin (either by bare fingers or covered ... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:1353) assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, i am a shia muslim and i have found a christian girl that would like to marry me because she loves me but she was already married and she is divorcing n... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:578) Asalam Alikoum If someone get hits by a car. Is there Khoms on the money received as componsation for pains and suffers? And how about the future loss of income if it's received in advance. ... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:729) 1-What is Qadiyaniyat (Ahmadi)? 2-If we have a friend who is a Qadiyani then what should be our attitude with him? If you send the answers by e-mail , it is very helpful to us . X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:228) dear imam, assalamu alaikum. this is in reference to question # 181 where you have said that it is permissible for muslim woman to take up a job as long as they conduct themselves modestly according t... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:481) Salaam aleikum. My brother knows of this guy. He believes and observe the five pillars and many other rules most faithfully -but heis a record producer and makes songs with suggestive and sinful ... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:169) Assalamalaikum. Thank you for answering my two questions on the will and the hifz of the Quran. However, you did not offer me any reference to the Hadith and Quran. I know that there are several Ha... X
Question & Answer Not Matching: (Q:1877) I have come to enjoy the level of questions and especially the beautiful answers.I have previously asked questions(no's 1616 and 1632),however I did a search on "Tablighi" and was disappointed to rece... X
Questions & Answers': (Q:815) Hello! I was wondering if there was anyway to view a question I wrote without having to enter in a question first. Thank You! X
Questions & Answers': (Q:2203) I am teaching a unit on Islam for 7th graders. May we E-mail you some simple questions about Islamic beliefs? Thank you. Peace be with you. X
Questions: Miscellaneous (Q:26047) Why do you not answer peoples questions personally and directly, as I am reading the responses they are the same as if you are copy and pasting them and they are not REALLY addressing the questions as... X
Qul ceremony: (Q:4764) Apparently there is no authentic statement to suggest that the Prophet held the Qul ceremony on the third, tenth or fortieth day of the death of a person. Is there any harm in holding such a function,... X
Qur'an or Hadith: Used to earn money (Q:4765) Some scholars in our region say that any person who uses the Qur'an or the Hadith to earn money will face severe punishment on the Day of Judgment. How far is this true? X
Qur'an: (Q:1663) 'Atiyu-allah wa atiurrasool wa ulil amar minkum' Quran. Q. Who is ulil Amar whom we should obey like we obey Allah and his Rasool? X
Qur'an: (Q:163) O'Believers! Choose not Jews and Christians for friends, they're but each others' friends. He who, from you, chooses them for friend is (one) of them. 5:51 Al-Quran Could you please elaborate th... X
Qur'an: A surah not to be read frequently (Q:4766) An old man told me that one should not recite the surah entitled "A'bas" or "The frowning" very often. He gives the reason saying that the surah contains a reproach to the Prophet for having frowned o... X
Qur'an: Abandoning the Qur'an (Q:4767) Qur'an: Abandoning the Qur'an X
Qur'an: An-Nass (Q:2930) can you please give me the me th translation of surah nass X

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