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April 27, 2017 | Sha`ban 1, 1438
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Oath: (Q:1745) Alsalam alikum I have promised many times that i rellay couldn't remeber how many .but it equals approx 4 month fasten .These promises were between me and allah not between me and people It is ve... X
Oath: (Q:3580) If a situation arises where a number of people decide to hold the qu'ran up to prove that they are telling the truth, or to prove that someone within the group is lying, should this be done or is it s... X
Obedience as an aspect of worship : (Q:4640) There is much confusion and contradiction among scholars in our country over the meaning of worship, or 'ibadah'. Some argue that ibadah means as an act of worship only, such as prayers, fasting, etc.... X
Obedience to parents and their order to divorce : (Q:4641) Since I came to work in Saudi Arabia, my father has been writing me asking to divorce my wife on grounds that she does not obey his orders. He says that unless I obey him and divorce her, I will not b... X
Obeying a Leader : (Q:2572) I know a scholar in my country who has formeda Jamat. His actions as a Muslim are fine excepthe asks the muslims for "Bait" or promise withhim that his followers will follow all his decisions.Please g... X
Objecting and avoiding embarrassment: (Q:4642) I was once invited to a dinner by a friend of my sister-in-law. I noticed that the cutlery were made of silver, while the plates were trimmed in gold. I whispered my objection to my sister-in-law. Bec... X
Obligation and duty [fardh and wajib]: (Q:4643) What is the difference between fardh and wajib? X
Obligations: Of a daughter (Q:4644) May I ask about the duties of a daughter towards a mother, who very frequently gets into fits of temper and abuses her for no reason. When this becomes very frequent, it has very depressing effect. On... X
Obligations: Of a wife (Q:4645) May I ask about the duties of a wife toward her husband? X
Obligations: Towards parents (Q:4646) Now that I am married, do I have any financial obligation towards my parents, when they have to pay debts to others? X
Obsessive behavior: help for (Q:5072) ASA I have a problem from some two-three years. My problem is that i spent alot of time in bath when i get ready for prayers and i wash my hands again and again and still is not satisfied. Also wh... X
offering condolence: (Q:36895) Assalamalaikum, Our Islamic Center held a candlelight vigil to show solidarity with the victims of the Japan Earthquake.The attendees stood in a circle outside holding candles and a few offered condol... X
Old Testament : (Q:2225) What is the position of the Old Testament in the Islamic Religion? Has the christian New Testament any meaning for Muslim people? If yes, what? What do you think about Hans Küng's vision of "World E... X
Oldest book writen by a Muslim erudit: (Q:440) Please answer : Which is the oldest book writen by a Muslim erudit ? Was he a shahabi, tabe,ee or tab'e tabe'ee ? What is the subject on which he wrote ? Tafseer, Tareekh or Fiqh ? Thanks X
Omen, Magic, Charm and Amulets, etc.: (Q:3563) Asalamu alaikum I'm very confuse and wish to seek your advise dear Imam, I was a Christian and converted to Muslim abt 10 yrs ago, although I'm not a perfect muslim but I discovered over the years th... X
Omrah : purity from urine (Q:34471) Ihave problem of dropping of urine drops.i use tissue.Now i am deciding for Umrah insha alah . so I want your help and guidance,since no undergarments are allowed .Can you help me? X
Omrah and menstrual period.: (Q:41310) Asalamu alikum. This question is on behalf of my friend. While performing Umrah suddenly the wife is falling under period time, she can continue her umrah (if not) she is allowed to enter haram again ... X
Omrah: (Q:39391) Insha'Allah I will be going for Umrah this March So, I just wanted to ask a few important questions of doing Umrah. Will your Dua come true when you are performing Umrah. If not , are there an... X
Opinion: (Q:2196) Dear Imam, I hope I am not transgressing the bounds of what is right by expressing this, my opinion. I am perplexed by what the common thought of Islamic scholars is regarding how a Muslim ma... X
Opposite Sex: Talking for Education (Q:2853) Is it acceptable to converse with males through e-mail, phone conversation etc. for the purpose of continuing my education on islam? I ask because I am a new convert, and live in an area with a tota... X
Oppression : (Q:4647) Oppression X
Oral Sex: (Q:3755) salamu alaykum warah matulah. I am married man and my wife was wondering if we could have oral sex but I told her that it is unclean/unlawful but I have no clear explanation for it. I would appreciat... X
Oral Sex: (Q:2210) Salaam, Question 96 and question 794 in regards to Oral Sex seem to contradict. Can you PLease Clarify? X
Oral Sex: (Q:5536) salam is oral and anal intercourse allowed ? pls reply with evidences according to quran and suuna ! pls reply by my email add. wasalam X
Oral Sex: (Q:2865) Dear Imam, I read your Q & R very regularly. Regarding Oral sex you all have very different openion. To get away from that I am puting this question and want to be answered in details on my private e... X
Oral Sex: (Q:2900) is it harm to do things with your husband using the mouth in the privite areas i am sorry to ask this but we are having a big problem with harm and hala in this X
Oral Sex: (Q:2931) Sallamu Allaykum! A girl were asking me if Oral Sex were forbidden in Islam? I did not knew what to say all I knew was that there is nothing mentioned in the Qur'an or Hadith about it. Someon... X
Oral Sex: (Q:2858) Is oral sex permissible ? X
Oral Sex: (Q:6499) Dear respected IMAM, Assalamu Alaikum. My question is in regards to Sex. I have read thru almost every single question in this topic: Oral Sex. I got very confused while scrolling thru all the answe... X
Oral Sex: (Q:2976) As-salaam alaikum, What is Oral Sex ?. Is it allowed in Islam ?. X
Oral Sex: (Q:2616) How does Islam regard the practice of Oral Sex? Is it Makrooh, Halal, or Haram. ( of course among married couple) X
Oral Sex: (Q:5522) What does the koran say about oral sex? X
Oral Sex: (Q:3636) Is it permisable for a married couple to have oral sex ? This is up a point before ejaculation. X
Oral Sex: (Q:3687) Assalam alaikum, I have a question of sexual nature. My question is: Is oral sex haram or makrooh according to islamic point of view? Please provide a detailed answer with relative... X
Oral Sex: (Q:794) What is Islamic position on Oral sex? X
Oral Sex: (Q:3304) Is the oral sex prohibited from religious point of view. What are the things forbidden in sex according to the Islamic rules of life? X
Oral Sex: arguments to support opinon (Q:5317) Salam everyone!!! I would like to know about this Q.. I am a very religious girl and i would like to know if oral sex is permissable? ..and if it is permissable can u plz state it from the Quran(th... X
Oral Sex: arguments to support opinon (Q:150) Please provide any arguments and texts available to support the opinion you gave to Q#95 about oral sex. Are there any hadith accounts of the question arising in the earliest times? When muftis have r... X
Organ donating after death.: (Q:42789) Is donating your organs haram after you die? X
Organ Donation, Blood Transfusion, Pregnancy: (Q:1320) 1. In Islam - Shall we donate our human parts to others? 2. In Islam - Blood transfussion is allowed or not? 3. In modern world child birth has become in somany ways like thru someother's sperm one ... X
Organ Donation: (Q:3420) Although this topic must have been raised up before, I nevertheless would like to know the islamic viewpoint on organ donation after our deaths. X
Organ Donation: (Q:2870) i s there an agreement (being halal)on donatng one's organ after death, among scholars of different madhab X
Organ Donation: (Q:2898) Is organ donation acceptable in islam? My terminally ill mother has been under treatment for a rare brain disease. Researchers at UCI have asked us to allow them to take her brain tissue upon her de... X
Organ Donation: (Q:3110) Is it permissable for muslims to be organ donors upon death? Is it permissable for muslims to accept organs from others to sustain their own life? X
Organ Donation: (Q:2620) 1. As a muslim can I donate any of my organ's to a deserving person ? 2. Can I donate sperm as a means for a needy mother to conceive by means of Invetro-Fertilization or other improved means ? X
Organ Donation: (Q:3164) May a muslim donate organs either dead of alive and may a living muslim accept an organ from dead person X
Organ Donation: (Q:1254) What is the Islamic view on organ donation when a person is dead? X
Organ Donation: (Q:1829) Can we donate organs or not? Salam and thanks X
Organ Donation: (Q:1514) Can you please tell me what is islamic view on giving your body parts to some other person while living or instructing the relative to donate after ones death. jaska allah X

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