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April 25, 2017 | Rajab 29, 1438
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Nadhr, Engagement, Madhabs: (Q:336) 1)I would like to know what is the ruling on nadhr, ie. promising Allah yu will do some ibadah in return for a favour, eg.passing your exams.Is it permissable/recommended or just allowed? 2)What is t... X
Nafl: Basic definition of (Q:4632) Nafl: Basic definition of X
Nail medication: (Q:42192) As-Salamu Alaykum. I use this anti fungal called Amorolfine nail lacquer which was perscribed by my doctor as my toe nails have a fungal infection. The nail lacquer is applied like nail polish and is ... X
Nail Polish & Menstruation: (Q:215) Is it acceptable to read prayer with nail polish on? I have been told in the past no by alot of my family memebrs, but I feel if I am praying with my heart ( not just because I have to)I should be ab... X
Nail Polish: (Q:711) If you havent remove nailpolish from your fingers before the wazoo can you offer your prayer X
Nail Polish: (Q:1904) why is nail polish haram? X
Naked when alone: (Q:2152) Thankyou Iman, for your attention. Is it interdit for a muslim woman to enter the sea with bathcloths, even at a hidden place? A friend that is a muslim lady told me that it would be an offense to Go... X
Name changing: (Q:39947) assalawlkum actually i want to change my name for sum personal reson but my family is telling me it will cost me alot of money can u give me a easy way to change my name n without additional money.ple... X
name choosing: (Q:34412) I will be getting converted to islam and i know that changing the name is not mandatory.But my name needs to be changed since it is against Islam .My question is that my documented name needs to be ch... X
name giving: (Q:34426) how to give a new born baby name in Islam (huduba) X
Names of children, and when a change becomes necessary: (Q:4633) My 13-year-old daughter's name, Julisha, has been criticized by our neighbors as being a Christian name. This has caused her much worry. Is it essential to change it according to Islam? X
Names: (Q:7467) Assalamualaikum to all Muslim brothers and sisters, my husband and I are planning to have a baby soon. I have been doing some homework in preparing for the new bundle of joy and that includes naming t... X
Names: (Q:2420) Brother Imam, I am a new muslim and I have a question about names. I would like to change my name to Rahim Al-Amin Abdullah. However, I've heard that I would have to add Abdur to my new first name. ... X
Names: (Q:242) Asalam Alikum. I am wondering if there are any hadith that support the need to change my name to a muslim (or arabic) name. I notice many people change their name when they convert to islam and ... X
Names: (Q:5443) i just wanted to know what my name means, my name is Arsalan X
Names: (Q:7310) Aoa. Well i just want to ask what is the meaning of my name unaza? and my sister`s name Mizna. Thanks X
Names: (Q:6207) assalam walaikum o rehmathullah Imam sahab Allah has blessed me with a nice & kute baby boy al hamdulillah, so I have choose some name for my baby so I like to know about meaning of this names > AFFAN... X
Names: (Q:8661) Assalamu alaikkum, please tell me the arabic meaning of my name " Inthef Moideen " X
Names: (Q:5554) Dear Imam sab Assalam Aliekum I have a daughter which is just 11th days old and still the naming is not done, at the time of birth we kept a name of my late mother and now we want to have a differe... X
Names: (Q:3639) How to name the newly born child. Some people search the name from Quraan , is it according to Sunnah. X
Names: (Q:5441) Asalam Alkium. We are expecting a baby boy insha'Allah and I was thinking of naming him "Zakariya". I was told that this name was not muslim and used by Jews. Is this a muslim name that I can n... X
Names: (Q:5730) what is the prorhet SAW last name? X
Names: (Q:7592) Can one keep Allah's name as a child's first name and call the kid by that first name. For example Maaz or Rehman and call them by that name rather than abdur-rehman or Mohd. Maaz. X
Names: (Q:1207) Asalamalaikum I would like to hear about the changing of a persons name after reverting to Islam.What are the reson for this and must this be done thank you for you time.my second question comes fron ... X
Names: (Q:379) Salaam Aleikum If I became a Muslim would it be nescercarry to change my name? Thank you X
Names: (Q:1539) What are some good(male)Muslim names? X
Names: (Q:25739) Asalaam-alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakathu. Allah has blessed me with a new born daughter and I would like to name her "Khadeejah Mohamad". Is the right spelling for the name in English "Khadeejah"... X
Names: (Q:6243) asalaam alaikum, is the name Aliza a suitable name for a muslim female baby. What does it mean? and is it arabic? X
Names: (Q:8183) Assalamualeykum Imaam...I would highly appreciate if you could tell me the meanings of the names: Ayyad, Aalim(for boys) and Sadia, Zahra (for girls)? Are they good names? Jazakallah for your response... X
Names: (Q:5559) Assalamu aleykum. Is it ok to call people Rasul or Abdulrasul? As far as I know, Rasul means messenger, and Abdulrasul - slave of messenger, which is not good. Thanks for answer. X
Names: (Q:7315) As Salaam Alaikom I just converted to Islam one week ago. Although I know it is not necessary to change my name I want to choose a name that describes me in my new faith. I like the name Na'ila... X
Names: (Q:7752) assalam alaikum i am looking for the meaning of the name ''MAAZ'' or ''MOAAZ''for a baby boy. X
Names: (Q:3669) i need help in a matter i have not reverted as of yet and some [email protected] said that i should choose a new name and they said that a good name was Muhammad farruq dhu nurain. i just wanted to k... X
Names: (Q:3047) If a woman, while non-Muslim, before Islam took the name of her husband upon marriage, later divorced and became Muslim, and wants now to change her name to enhance her identity as a Muslim, is it ... X
Names: (Q:5437) I have named my son "Baseer Ahmad", is it ok, since "Al-Baseer" is one of Allahs attributes? X
Names: (Q:5675) what is the meaning of the name Alima, Alimah. Are these names arabic X
Names: (Q:5674) what is the meaning of the name name Aliza? is it Arabic and was it Hazrat Ali daughters name X
Names: (Q:7551) Assalaam alaikum. I wouls like to know if i can name my son a name attributed to allah eg. ahad, samad etc. or it is compulsory to add an abdul before the name? if so can you state some hadith rela... X
Names: (Q:7717) Assalamu Alaikum, With grace of Allah, I have recently became father and named my baby boy Hadi Khan. I chose the name from our dear Phrophet Mohammad(PBUH) names as it is common for muslims to choo... X
Names: (Q:5470) What do the names Adil, Imran, Habibullah, Hyther, Hamid, Hameed, Haseeb, and Haneef mean? X
Names: (Q:2395) As Salaamu Alaikum; my question is pertaining to the servants of Allah taking on one of His attributes as a name. I would like to know if there is any evidence or proof of a person wanting to take th... X
Names: (Q:2414) Asallama allaykum Imam I am going to have a baby girl very soon insha allah can you please tell me the best islamic name i can give it X
Names: (Q:7607) assalam-wa-laikum imam sahab.I want to know the meanings of the names "RAMIZA NAZMEEN NISHA","IMRAANA YASMEEN NISHA","MOHAMMED SATTAR","SHAFRUL NISHA. X
Names: (Q:6726) Assalamu alaikum I am a new revert to islam and i am willing to change my name. Currently, my name is james. Can you please give me some advice as to which would be a good islamic 1st name. Another... X
Names: Aalia (Q:5366) Is the name "Aalia" an acceptable name for a muslim girl X
Names: Abdullah Before Islam (Q:2377) Al Salam alikum, I am a bit confused about something and perhaps you could help me. I know that the prophet's father's name was abdullah and he died before the prophet's birth.My question is that... X
Names: Aliha (Q:1822) My daughter name is Aliha. Someone told me that this name is not good for her because name has wrong meaning. Now we are worried to death. I would like to to know that do we have to change her. If ... X
Names: Angels (Q:5800) Is keeping names of angels e.g Mikaeel allowed in Islam? X

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