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April 26, 2017 | Rajab 30, 1438
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Madhy: (Q:3253) Assalamu Alaikum WRB, When madhy exits from the body, must a person wash his clothes as well as make wuduu? Also, is the fluid the exits 5-45 min. after an ejaculation considered madhy? Thank you. X
Maerriage play.: (Q:45599) AOA My question is :Is oral sex haram between husband and wife? Meaning use of tong on private parts Thanks X
Maerriage: Selection of Spouse (Q:24094) I have been introduced to a woman through mutual family. The head of the mutual family will NOT ALLOW for the woman and me to talk more than 2 times. We talked 2 times over the phone, and i would li... X
Magazines: (Q:2076) AsSalamu 'alaikum Could you call me some (color) Islamic magazines in the US which follow Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama^ah movement? Your Brother in Islam Marat Sayfutdin Wassalam X
Magic: (Q:5306) Salaam Aleikum, I am an unmarried virginal girl suffering for the past 12 years. I am being attacked (when I sleep) by an evil spirt which specialises in polluting the bodies of virginal girls.I have... X
Magic: (Q:1919) my mother's name is : iqbal parveen abdul majeed qureshi my name is : nasir majeed qureshi my wife's name is : tahseen faryal can you tell me if there is any magic put on my family? is there any... X
magic: (Q:34413) Can you find out who has done magic upon you as i suspect my ex husband is doing magic upon me while he is trying to divorce me. I look forward to hearing from you. X
Magic: (Q:5689) Note: Please refer all your answers from Al-Quran and preferably Al-Bukhari and mention the Ayats of Al-Quran and the Hadis like the following sample below: “All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all ... X
Magic: (Q:6732) agar kisi ko shak ho ke us k uper jadoo karaya gaya hai? ya phir us ki kisi cheez k ooper jasy shadi, parahi waghaira k ooper to wo kiya karey? bas 3 , 3 bar SURAH FALAQ, NAAAS, IKHLAS parhliya karey... X
Magic: (Q:6368) Do Sihar effects in the conceiving my wife as we married before 6 years but unfortunately we do not have child. One Islamic scholar told me physically that some one has influenced my wife with Sihar w... X
Magrib prayer delay.: (Q:43490) Magrib Prayer,Asa Please let me know if we perform magrib prayer at the musjid in Jamaat how much time are we allowed to delay it . We have brothers who are willing to come to read with Jamaat if... X
Mahdi, Dajaal: (Q:1059) What are the signs of Imam Mahdi's arrival and what will insha'allah happen when and after he comes? What are the signs of the arrival of Da'jaal, and what will insha'allah happen when and afte... X
Mahdi: (Q:519) Dear Sir: Is Mehdi (A.S) the same person As Esaa (A.S). If they are not the same persons, then who is Mehdi (A.S). X
Mahdi: (Q:837) Assalamualakum, Please give some explanation about Imam Mahdi concept ? and what you think about him. wassalam X
Mahdi: (Q:1398) Alslam Alikom Please tell me as much as you could about Imam Al-Mahadi. I have heard different stories about him and I am really not sure which is authentic. Jazakom Allah Khiran X
Mahdi: (Q:2891) could u guys help me learn a brief history of the imams ecspecially Imam Mahdi?!?!?.... Thanks Mehdi Farzam X
Mahdi: (Q:3749) Who is the Mahdi. How is he different than the Masih and why is he not mentioned in the Koran? X
MAHR.: (Q:44260) Assalamo alaikom, I have a question regarding a mahr, should a man pay the fulltime agreed mahr before touching his bride? On the other hand, can the bride chose for what she'll use the money of e... X
Mahr: (Q:6487) Being the bride’s father my father on prompt from the guy’s family was the first one to ask for the mahr. He had consulted me in this regard before hand, what I had wanted was coming out more then nor... X
Mahr: (Q:40944) Assalam alaykum.My question is about the Mahr.Who is responsible to state the Mahr after to the groom after the bride's consent.I mean can the girl her self say it directly to the man or the girl... X
Mahram Relations: (Q:5694) A muslim woman is married to a Muslim man whose family is non-Muslim. Is it permissible for the wife to be without Hijab in the presence of her husband's father ( who is non-Muslim)? X
Mahram.: (Q:43972) where in the Quran does it mention mahrams and what are they X
Mahram: (Q:1791) Salaam. My name is Sarah and I have a question about islamic dress my Grandmother remarried and has a son by her husband he is fourty years old. What I need to know is should I wear islamic dr... X
Mahram: (Q:1808) Salaam. My name is Sarah and I asked A question on islamic dress. If I should wear it around my uncle? I left out that my Grandmother is my Fathers mother. I'm sorry of the inconvenience. T... X
Mahram: (Q:2727) what is a mahram X
Mahram: (Q:5647) As Salamu Alaikum, I have asked this question before, but never received an answer. I am asking it again I'm alhumdulillah a covering muslim am I allowed to go in front of my mothers uncles or he... X
Mahram: (Q:5583) As Salamu Alakium, All my life i lived in America and I know what was right and what was wrong enough to lead my life there. However now I am back to my country and there lot of things that people do... X
Mahrook - the basic definition of: (Q:4569) Mahrook - the basic definition of X
Main Spreaders of Islam: (Q:2330) who were the main spreaders of the islam religion? where is it most popular? X
Make Up: (Q:5665) dear imam, i would like to know that are muslim sisters allowed to wear contact lenses which are not for eye sight and also are we allowed to wear make-up jazakala khair X
Making hajj instead of aged parent.: (Q:39957) can one perform hajj on behalf of his aged parent? X
Making sex while pregnant.: (Q:42209) can we do sex at pregnancy? X
Making things too difficult : (Q:4570) May I ask how did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wear his beard and mustaches? Was it U or V shape? Or did it cover only his chin? Is there any minimum or maximum limit to the length of a beard?... X
Making Transition from Christian holidays to Muslim holidays: (Q:1522) What is a good way for a former Catholic/new Muslim to make the transition from Christian holidays (i.e. Christmas) to Muslim holidays without abandoning one's culture (especially those with children)... X
Male Doctor: (Q:2862) My wife is pergnant and my medical insurance company(Kaiser) cannot gaurntee a female doctor at the time of delivery. Is it ok for a Male doctor to deliver the baby? I have asked this question to a ... X
Male Doctor: (Q:3007) Salam Alaikum When I get my teeth cleaned, I have a male dentist. And when his wife leaves I am alone with him watching tv while he is cleaning my teeth. When I convert, will I need to get a fem... X
Maliki: References (Q:3046) please provide references to the maliki school of thought X
Man: Is man the noblest creature? (Q:4571) We are called the noblest of all creatures, but we are the most cruel creatures on earth and we indulge in ruthless criminal activities. Indeed, the atrocities committed by man are worse than anything... X
Maners.: (Q:43990) Asaalam alkiem wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatu! My Question: is HEAD SHAVING mandatory for girls? I ask because A few of my sisters are in a debate in regards to the ritual of the naming ceremony(naming... X
maners.: (Q:42956) Hume kaise pata chalega k hamari ki hui tauba kubul huyi. X
Manner Athaan in the ear of newly born baby: (Q:37587) Assalamualaikum, My mother in law suggested 'Azaan' for my son but I'm confused as to whether I should agree to it or not. I like the name because its soft to pronounce and the meaning is... X
Manner Repentance: (Q:37334) Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim I was sexually abused in my childhood. It is only now I'm starting to realize how much this has effected my whole self and life. One of the effect is that I find it d... X
manner: (Q:34583) my parents are non muslim ,whenever they come to my house they bring some gifts or eatables and also they have presented me some gold is it permissible in islam to accept it but my husband sometimes d... X
manner: (Q:34586) is there in islam that a women should not call her husband by his name .(and also send me some related hadith) X
Manner: (Q:34626) Asalam o Alikum, I live in Australia but not a Permanent Resident here. My friend needs money and he is asking me to apply for Credit Card. But according to bank rule, if you are not Permanent Residen... X
manner: (Q:34595) for womens does husband's grandfather or father's brothers become maharam?.is it allowed to speak men who are elders or men who are less age reached puberty but not a kind of being attracted t... X
Manner: (Q:40824) What is call "Mazoor"?. I have Gastic or Gas problem. when i start the OZU then the Gas problem is start. when i start the Namaz or Salat then i feel Gas or Gastic problem. Also i feel hard hesitation... X
Manner: (Q:34609) I have a family issue: my parents want me to marry when im 26 or over because they want me to stay with them and work and not leave the house or they will feel lonely so i have said ok but i can not t... X
manner: (Q:34612) Salaam, my question is this: I have a 14 yr old daughter who lived for 8 years in the custody of the state. She has been home now a little over two years. However, the problem is that she refuses to w... X

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