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May 22, 2017 | Sha`ban 26, 1438
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Labeling Muslims as Kafirs: (Q:913) Respected Sir, A young palestinian brother has just arrived in our college. He keeps on quoting ayahs and ahadiths in calling people kafir. To him most of the memebers of the islamic ummah at present... X
Labor Unions : (Q:939) As-salamu alaikum. If Islamic Sharia (law) is applied, would there be labour unions? Under the capitalist system labour unions and companies/corporations are often in conflict with each other becau... X
Lactating wife and a sucking husband: (Q:4549) What happens if a husband sucks the breast of his lactating wife and swallows some drops of her milk? X
Land: (Q:3056) hello my name is Robert Phillips of Phillips Realty and I have a listing for a property in Clifton new jersey for sale Near Paterson the property 1.14 acres of land with a 6000sq ft build on it ... X
Language: 'Ar-Rahmaan' and 'Ar-Raheem'. (Q:1692) I want to know the difference between 'Ar-Rahmaan' and 'Ar-Raheem'. Both are attributes of 'Rahmat' of Allah. I would appreciate it if you'll be explicit in demarking the two. Shukran Wa... X
Language: Abdul & Shirinat (Q:963) Hi!! I am Abdul. I have a question that...what is meaning of 'Abdul'?? Also, what is the meaning of 'Shirinat'?? Thanks man!! P.S. Please email me once you can answer! ... X
Language: Akhlaq, Muba, Fiqu, Fitna (Q:1715) please define the following terms: akhlaq muba fiqu fitna X
Language: Akhlaq, Muba, Fiqu, Fitna (Q:1713) please define the following terms: akhlaq muba fiqu fitna X
Language: Akhlaq, Muba, Fiqu, Fitna (Q:1714) please define the following terms: akhlaq muba fiqu fitna X
language: al-Qarine (Q:3301) assalamu-alaikum. what is al-karine ? is he a chaitan ? and if he is ,does al-malaika can be in the same place present with chaitan? jazakumu-ALLAH-u-khaira. X
Language: Anjum (Q:1134) Dear Bro. AsSalamu Alikum WaRahumathullahi WaBarakathhu Could you please help us to get the meaning of arabic word Anjum .We would like to have a name for a new born babyboy. If there is any differe... X
Language: Aqidah, Tafseer & seerah (Q:1174) What do the following words mean: Aqidah, Tafseer, and Seerah? X
Language: Arabic (Q:2169) Is Arabic a "holy" language? If so what verse from the Koran would prove this? X
Language: Arabic (Q:2566) my arabic is lost i need a teacher i want to pray or read the Qoran X
Language: azur, mahja or mohja, zamora or zuhra (Q:1428) Hello I'm trying to research some words and have not found anything in the standard Islam reference sources. Any help is appreciated. Can you help with words please. 1. azure or azzur or az... X
Language: Bid’aa (Q:273) Salam Alaykum. What can you to me over this word (in Arabic) Biad say. Excuse me for my bad english. X
Language: Ghazwat (Q:1250) Assalaam-O-Alaikum. Respected Imam, I have read the reply of Imam to my question no:747. I am not satisfied with it! Do you think, our beloved Prophet(SAWS), after sending a warning to nonbeliever to ... X
Language: Imam (Q:2275) What does imam stand for X
Language: Kana (Was) (Q:3144) As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Firstly I would like to say Barak Allahu feekum for the service that you provide to muslims. May Allah admit you into paradise and shade you on the ... X
Language: Quran & Mus’haf (Q:1452) what the difference whith quran and mus'haph X
Language: Rasul & Nabi (Q:3044) Assalamaleikhum I would like to know the exact diffrence between the word Rasul and Nabi I want to know the meaning of them?? X
Language: Salwa (Q:1899) As-salaam-u-alaikum dear Imam, My brother has a daughter who was named "Salwa" at birth. She would constantly fall ill. My brother discussed this with a few Alims from the Tablighi Jamaat and was... X
Language: We Instead of I for Respect (Q:1549) In Surah Al-Barqrah verse 49 the word We is used "Remeber, We saved you from the Pharoah's people who wronged and oppressed you and slew your sons but spared you women...."...I am a new muslim and ... X
Language: We Instead of I for Respect (Q:3005) Assalamu Alaikum Please help to clarify the references of "We", "Our" "Us" in the Holy verses of my Quran. Why does Allah speak to us in the singular and then again in the plural. Thank you. PI... X
Language: We Instead of I for Respect (Q:1268) As-Salaam Alaikum, Dear Imam, One thing all believers can agree on, is Allah is Ahad and Muhammad is his messenger. However, through the Qur'an the plural pronoun We is used to refer to... X
Language: We Instead of I for Respect (Q:1270) As-Salaam Alaikum, Dear Imam, One thing all believers can agree on, is Allah is Ahad and Muhammad is his messenger. However, through out the Qur'an the plural pronoun We is used to refe... X
Languages of the Holy Scriptures: (Q:441) Please answer : Qur'an is a Revealed Book. The last Revealed by Allah SWT. We have it still intact since the Wahee began i.e. more than 1400 years ago. Likewise, for us Taurait. Zaboor and I... X
Large family and poverty : (Q:4550) No human being can be certain about his future or his fortune. Why, then, do we go on producing many children, mainly females, who are the worst sufferers in this life as they are subjugated and domin... X
LATE PRAYER: (Q:34853) i needs explanations on intension of prayer if the time has gone out ie-next prayer comes,how would i say in my intension. X
Law and regulations with retroactive effect : (Q:4551) Does Islam permit the enactment of laws which have retroactive effect? In this connection, is it permissible for one of the parties to a contract to go back on it after the contract has been completed... X
Law providing illegitimate rights: (Q:4552) When my grandfather suffered a business setback, he was left only with a small vegetable shop that he owned and a small flat that he rented. From a young age, my father worked hard, helping his father... X
Law to suit self-interest: (Q:4553) There is a Muslim community in my home country where people believe that it is permissible to steal money and property from non-Muslims in order to distribute it among poor Muslims. Members of that co... X
Law-making in Islamic context: (Q:4554) A religious teacher working in South Indian state of Tamil Nadu (having studied in the Islamic University of Madinah) has been stressing most emphatically that Muslims can only follow the Qur'an and t... X
lawful and unlawful: alcohol (Q:5435) Salam Alaikum I am opening a restaurant in Europe in the next 3 months. I am troubled with the thought of serving alcohol on the premises. My friends and advisers tell me that a restaurant without al... X
Lawyer: (Q:1626) Assalam alaikum Is becoming a lawyer in the united states of america haram? if so why? please respond as soon as possilbe Thank you Wassalam X
Leadership: For Woman (Q:5620) can a muslim women be a president of a nation or a state in a muslim countries becuase of her education ?thank you very much! X
Leading people to a Source of Drug: (Q:1493) my friends just recently want to try drugs . I know someone who can provide them some. I myself have never touched the thing . i was just wondering how much will i sin if i introduce my friends to the... X
Learching: Comparative Study (Q:30737) Can a muslim woman teach other world religions in a secondary school in UK? Particularly the concept of Jesus (a.s.) is believed by Christians as son of god. I have to teach Hinduism,Buddhism, Sikhis... X
Learn to Pray: (Q:357) As a recent convert to al-Islam and a non-speaker of arabic, is there a video that will teach me the proper way in in which to recite and do the prpoer standing and kneeling positions. I already... X
Learn to Pray: (Q:3605) Salam Alaikum: Is it possible to obtain some type of 'how to' book on praying. I must confess, that I was never immersed in the faith. I have stopped eating pork and drinking alcohol. I am on... X
Learn to Pray: (Q:2368) i want to ask to how to learn pray X
Learn to Pray: (Q:2107) i am looking for a video that will show me how to preform salat properly. Can you please give me assistance? thank you X
Learning about other Religions: (Q:2951) Q : Can Islam permit us to listen about non muslims belief and read their holy books for only knowledge ? X
Learning Arabic: (Q:38023) school education and arabic education should learn in one campus or seperate campus, which is the best way to learn ? And which education is best and why? X
Learning the Religion : (Q:2652) I just became a muslim, the greats day of my life, but how do I go about learning the religon? X
Learning the Religion : (Q:2670) Dear Imam, I apologize for not knowing the proper way of addressing you. My reason for writing is this: I am a non-Muslim who wishes to know more about Islam. Would I be welcome to approach a lea... X
Learning the Religion : (Q:2688) I am a new musl am in order to be a good muslim what must I do ? X

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