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April 29, 2017 | Sha`ban 3, 1438
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Ka'aba (the) : (Q:4543) You have mentioned in the past that we kiss the Black Stone only because the Prophet kissed it. There is another place, Rukn Al-Yamani, which some people kiss when they do the tawaf. Could you please ... X
Kaaba, Black Rock and Qiblah: (Q:1943) What is the origin of the Kaaba and the black rock? Why is it that we pray facing the Kaaba? X
Kabah: (Q:2090) Does the Kaaba still exist? X
Kabah: (Q:1035) Dear Imam, I have just finished studying the Islamic culture and religion and I respect its many aspects about it. I have just been assigned a project by my 7th grade teacher and the project ... X
Kabah: Yemeni Corner (Rukn al-Yamani) (Q:2067) What is the significance of Rukn-e-Yamany, the stone on the KABA? Why do people kiss this stone along with Aswad X
Kaffarah: (Q:2484) i sweared in front of AL-QURAN that i will stop smoking..but after two months i started again...what is the kifarah that i should so??? X
Kafir & non-Muslim: (Q:972) As-Salaamu Alaikum, Can you kindly tell me when in the history of our religion did the term kaafir become synonymous with non-muslims . X
Kafir: Describing one as 'Kafir' (Q:4544) In a discussion with a friend, I told him that a person who deliberately omits to offer obligatory prayers is considered a non-Muslim. I have heard from scholars that the criterion which distinguishes... X
Kajj.: (Q:42757) A.aleykum, if you are a doctor and you are selected to accompain the group of people who are going to Mecca to perfom Hajj because of your proffession, all the expenses paid.Will your Hajj be accepted... X
Kalimah in the Qur'an: (Q:4545) What does Islam say about the Kalimah? Why is it not mentioned in full in the Qur'an? X
Kamal Ataturk,: (Q:3243) As salam aliekum, My son, who attends an Islamic full time school, was asked to find out if Kamal Ataturk, the Turkish leader, was a Muslim. Thank you. Um Ahmed X
Kamal Atturk: (Q:3244) As salam aliekum i gave the incorrect email address.... my question is for my son's homework assignment.... he attends private islamic school Was Kamal Atturk a Muslim, the leader of Turkey ???? T... X
Khalifa & Baia: (Q:1722) Dear virtual imam, are you the caliph of Islamicity. If so, do i have to give baya to you. And will this lift the sin off the ummah. Only jesting. My proper question is : What can ... X
Khalifa & Baia: (Q:2023) Does Islam allow the Muslims to live without doing "Ba'ait" on the hand of "Khalifa" ? OR Does Islam permits the Muslims to live their lives without the suppervission of 'Khalifa' and Islamic state... X
Khalifa & Baia: (Q:3246) As salaamu alaikum: My question relates to "Khilaafah". Are all the muslims required to have one Khaleefah? if yes, what is stopping us from having one and becoming a single united Ummah? Than... X
Khalwa: (Q:2815) Asalmalykum, My wife is studying to be a psychologist. As part of her program she is required to have patients. No one else can be with her when she has these patients. The problem is the only pati... X
Khalwa: (Q:3008) Assalaamu alaikum Imam, Regarding your reply to question number 2815, I frankly found it astonishing that you stated that it is allright according to the Sharia that a man and a woman can be alone ... X
Khatam -an-Nabiyyeen: (Q:3326) According to your references, are there any ulemas who interpretated the meaning of "Khataman Nabiyyin" differently with most ulemas who understand the phrase as "The Last Prophet". Could you pleas... X
Khilafah: (Q:897) Assalamualaikum wbt, After the tumbling of caliph system, all muslim over the world facing difficult time to get togrther again. There are some effort all over the world to regain this system by p... X
Khola': Inability to repay dower and the custody of children (Q:4546) It is possible for a woman to demand divorce, provided that she repays her dower or meher, to her husband. What if she does not have the money to repay? Does this mean that she cannot be divorced? In ... X
Khomeini : (Q:3481) What is your personal beleif of Khomeini (the leader of the revolution that took place in Iran?). Also, is stonning someone to death part of Islam - is it ever refered to in the Quran? What does Isl... X
Khula: (Q:38610) What is the ruling when a wife ask for khula when she is distress emotionally and not thinkly clearing, cause she really upset with her husband. So she asks for that the husband don't fully unders... X
Khutba: Jummah (Q:1689) Assalamu'alaikum Ya Imam... During Friday praying (during the Khutbah) sometimes I have to go to the men's room. But since it is during the Khutbah i can't go because i want to listen to the Khatib.... X
Khutba: Jummah- need information (Q:6) Bismilahir Rahmanir Raheem Assalaamualaikum Dear Brother; I am trying to find a location on the net where I can download some information on leading the Khutbah Jumah and giving it. I am tryi... X
Khutbah in Arabic, Learning Arabic: (Q:908) Would you say that it is a Sunnah of Rasulallah (SAS) to have the Khutba in Arabic? (Ref.Q115) How important do you think it is for a Muslim to learn Arabic? Should he be satisfied to memorize t... X
Khutbah in Arabic: (Q:3396) Should the Gomaa khotba be given in Arabic only. ? Can some one give An english speech first then followed by Azan and the traditional Arabic Khotba that will be given by another person.? Can... X
Khutbah in Arabic: (Q:955) My question is the following: We are 10-12 Moslim Students in Patras-City of Greece, In Joum3ah (Big Pray) 2 students from India and Turky who could not speek neither understand Arabic come every ... X
Khutbah, Quran: (Q:875) Bismillah il Rahman il Rahim Assalam-aleikum! 1. Is it really necessary to have the khutba in arabic (at all)? In our mosque we have a khutba in arabic for 25 minutes and 5 minutes translati... X
Kids: Providing Islamic Education to.. (Q:3364) Asalamalaikum. I am very interested in my daughter and /or son to enter an Islamic school for hafiz program and to receive an Islamic degree. I live in the Houston area and the one school here only t... X
Killing and Wars : (Q:3198) It is said that Allah created all equally then why are we to kill the "infidels"? Would it not be a killing of a kin? Is killing the solution or is our priority to convert them ? X
Killing house insects.: (Q:43063) Asalamu Alaikum, is it a sin to kill a rat or mouse thats comes inside your house from outside since its very difficult to catch them alive and put them outside? Jazakum Allah Khayr X
killing Innocent People: (Q:538) What is the position of Islam on killing inscent people by a fanatic, criminal groups such as in Algeria? X
killing: (Q:1961) Dear Imam, Please help me answer this question: I heard that if you deliberately kill someone (may God forbid) that person enters Heaven, regardless of his or her deeds, even if he or she is not a ... X
KISSING wife while fasting: (Q:35177) Assalam-o-Alaikum! In the Holy month of Ramadhan I kiss my fiance during fast does this act of kissing break my fast?if yest hen what is it kuffara?please Guide me in the light of Quran and Hadith ... X
Kissing: (Q:3379) IS KISSING A SIN? X
Knowing the True Religion: (Q:6323) Asalamoalikum: I'm a college student interested in learning more about Islam. AlhamduliAllah, I know the basics of Islam and some Arabic. What are good instructional texts and strategies for l... X
Knowing the True Religion: (Q:1097) Assalamu Alikum, A chineses friend asked me: how he can know the true religion and what is the difference between the religions, first I mentioned that he has to beleive in God, then I told him in bri... X
Knowledge of the unknown: (Q:4547) People in our part of the world go to a person addressed by the title "Baba Ji". This title refers to a person who is honest and respectable, loves Allah and talks to Him. Allah gives him knowledge ab... X
Knowledge: (Q:2711) My question is ... Is the knowledge we gain in this world preserved in paradise or hell. X
Knowledge: (Q:7260) What I want to know is what is/are a field/s in the medical profession that is/are greatly needed by our community of Muslims(F.Y.I. I live in the Toronto area of Canada, in case you needed to know in... X
Knowledge: Qur'anic emphasis not restricted to religion only (Q:4548) Many people argue that modern scientific education is not the right one for Muslims because a Muslim should concentrate only on the Qur'an and Hadith. If we were to take this view, Muslims will certai... X
Kosher Meat: (Q:1796) Asslam-alei-kum I want to know if if a muslim can reject the Kosher meat available in the market. This question arises because in Quran it says that it is halal to eat the meat cut by the people... X
Kufi: (Q:3558) Salaams, What is the Sunnah for Brothers wearing Kufis X

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