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March 29, 2017 | Rajab 2, 1438
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Jafari School: (Q:2733) Salaam Alaikum. Brother I have been browsing through the answers that you gave and thought they were ingenious. I have come across several questions which asked the importance of following the Schoo... X
Jaiz ( Permissible ) & Wajib ( Obligatory ): (Q:949) Everdearest imam, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi taala wabarkatuhu My question is regarding tauhid can u explain to me how jaiz become wajib truly yours, ... X
Jama'a (or GROUP -not Friday-) prayer: Mandatory? (Q:615) Asalamu Alakum A hadith was told ot me about the Prophet(SAAW) saying that when the call for athan is made, he(SAAW)would order someone to lead the prayer and leave from the back. Then he(SAAW) wo... X
Jama'a (or GROUP -not Friday-) prayer: Mandatory? (Q:1875) Asalamu alakum, I was wondering if you can help me with the aspect of praying in Jamah (with other muslims). First of all, what does ALLAH SWT say about praying in Jamah? What about praying in jamah ... X
Jama'a (or GROUP -not Friday-) prayer: Reading Al-Fateha (Q:645) Asalam-o-Alaikum I have 2 questions regarding the jama' prayer. In a Jama' prayer are you supposed to stand quitely behind the imam and listen to him? In the third raka' are you suppose to re... X
Janaba and prayer: (Q:34597) is it true that if a junub does not take bath before fajr the angels curse them X
Janaza Prayer.: (Q:43935) How do we perform sallat Janaaiza X
Janaza prayer.: (Q:44740) how to pray salat ul janazah X
Janaza Prayer: (Q:3259) Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Assalamu Alaikum My question is what exactly do you do after you complete janazza prayer(after saying salaams)? Could you please, Inshaa' Allah give your evidence(i.e.ha... X
JANNATI rEWARDS.: (Q:44415) It is mentioned in quran that jannati men will be gifted Hoor's who will be very beautiful and virgins. -Will women also get men who are very handsome?? if not then y only men will get WOMEN to en... X
Jariya : (Q:2822) what the hukm of "Jariaya" in Islam in our time. X
Jariya : (Q:2823) what the hukm of "Jariaya" in Islam in our time. X
Jerusalem : (Q:2295) Do you think that Jerusalem should be considered the cradel of all religions, and should all man kind have access to it as a sacred place?? Thanks in advance X
Jerusalem: (Q:267) I am in the middle of my final paper for a Hebrew course I am taking, and my topic is the importance of Jerusalem to Islam as portrayed in Islamic liturgy. With the exception of the one time Jeru... X
Jesus Christ : (Q:2693) I am from a christian upbringing and believe that Jesus is the son of God, I do not, however, belive that he is God or is to be worshiped. I know God didn't have sex with Mary, but who are we to tel... X
Jesus: (Q:5638) Dear Iman, Here is what I have found on a site...please comment. Thank you very much Mohammad died, was buried and is dust. God gave no testimony that He sent him or that he was His messenger... X
Jesus: what does Islam say about him? (Q:80) What is the Islamic position on Jesus Christ? X
Jews and Christians: (Q:5465) will all jews and all christians go to hell ?what would be the status of the people of the book for believing in jesus as Gods son , andjews for believing in as chosen people of God? X
Jews: (Q:5576) Asalam Aalaikum In the prominent Companions of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), were their any Companions who converted to Islam from Jewish religion? X
Jews: Rejection of the Jews or the Jewish (Q:4537) Someone told me that billiards is a Jewish game and Muslims should not play it. Please comment. X
Jihad : (Q:942) assalam waaliekum What is the idea of yihad today ? I think that yihad means teach the islam to the rest of the world and try to get new muslims but with the power of the word not the power of th... X
Jihad : (Q:877) Why there is lack of jihad among muslims today? And is the current Islamic countries now upholding Quran and Sunnah as their political guide? X
Jihad : (Q:3293) What is Jihad? X
Jihad: (Q:6692) If Islam is a religion of peace, why is more not being done to stop Islamic extremists who murder and behead innocent people? Why do muslims allow this to go on? X
Jihad: (Q:8184) what is jihad? X
Jihad: Basic definition of (Q:4538) Jihad: Basic definition of X
Jihad: Reality and reward (Q:4539) What is real jihad? Who is a real mujahed and who is a real shaheed? What is the reward for mujahed, shaheed or a ghazi? X
Jihad: The Holy War (Q:1584) As a catholic, it's difficult for me to understand the meaning of "the holy war" preached by (radical) muslims. Please explain me the real meaning. Thank you. X
Jihad: The Holy War (Q:2703) do you think it is time for jihad in a phisical sense? Against the Jews. X
Jihad: The Holy War (Q:2826) Salaam-u-alaikum, Iraqi people have been sufferering since Gulf War; economic suctions have cauased significant problems--diseases, deaths, unemploymets are the major adversities Iraqies have been fa... X
Jihad: Women (Q:6227) Is it a farz for muslim women to be prepared for jihad at all times...because it can come upon them X
jin: (Q:38688) Assalaamualikum. I have been experiencing jinn for few months. I have met imams and also your advise on this is helping me. I am trying hard to get rid of this situation. I know this is a strange ques... X
jin: relation with people (Q:37201) my head & stumach is tight. waves are runing inside my head.someone is talking inside my heart.i cannot manage to do anything which i planed to do. get angry soon with others in my family but not al... X
Jinn (the) : (Q:4540) What is the meaning of the word jinn and where are jinn to be found? In what ways are they different from us? Also please speak about the spirit, good and evil. Some people suggest that jinns sometime... X
Jinn and Human: (Q:1937) whats the difference between a jinn an aweak human X
jinn.: (Q:44125) Assalamualaikum warahmathullah The aspect of shirk and thowheed is clear to me .Alhamdulilla.. My question is not concerning seeking the help of dead moreover my question is "If i ask the help of a ... X
Jinn: (Q:5327) is it possible that jinns are making me bipolar, how can i fight back, if this is true? X
Jinn: (Q:2441) Can you explain to me the aspects of the Jin I don't quite understand what they are, what is their significance and we can't see them but they see us? X
Jinn: (Q:6390) as-salaamu alaykum if jinns and shatans are so powerful and dangrouse can we see jinns and shatans in janna or jahnam if yes will they be able to harm us as-salaamu alaykum X
Jinn: (Q:2861) Personal question: I don't know how to have to tell you - The Imams - It started when i was about 11 years old. I was in Turkey at that time. At this moment I live in Europe. When i was there walki... X
Jinn: (Q:5325) Are Jinns really the "Ghosts" some have seen? X
Jinn: (Q:2735) Ihave two friends who claim that they can talk to the Jinn. They do this through the use of a basket with a pen suspended through the middle. The basket is held above a piece of paper and the two indi... X
Jinn: (Q:1230) What is a djinn? What do they do? What are they mayd of? X
jinn: (Q:41197) Asalaamalykum, Over the past couple of years we have noticed the existance of jinns in our house. They have been hiding soda bottles and cans from us. We will buy them for guests and a few days lat... X
Jinn: (Q:3579) How do the Jinn that are captured by the learned people know about peoples thoughts and lives? X
Jinn: (Q:2678) Assalamu Alaikum. In India, there was a guy who put a sheet on the ground with nothing under it. He then recited Surah-Al-Inshirah, and some other things, and picked up the sheet, and sweets were ... X
Jinn: (Q:520) Who are the Jinn? X
Jinn: (Q:2903) Correction: It's a Djinn or something, but he said don't tell the people, because the people aren't ready for it. Corection:::::: =============== It's NOT from a Djinn.. it waa a typo. The core... X
Jinn: What are they? (Q:70) Asalaam Alaikum, What are the jinn X

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