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April 30, 2017 | Sha`ban 4, 1438
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Ibada: Making dua while in menses. (Q:38362) If a woman had her menses on the last 10 days of Ramadhan ...how can she avail the Benefits of it...? what are the Ibadah...good things she can do...can she wake up on the 3rd part of the night and ma... X
Ibadah: IId prayer (Q:38286) Are Eid prayers obligatory for all Muslims? I am a teacher and the Eid may well fall on the first day of classes. X
Ibadat: (Q:38253) where should we look in the position of ruku(our legs or at the floor{downwards}) X
Ibn Arabi: (Q:1826) I am interseted in Ibn Arabi's Works. Can't obtain most of his books here Like Al' Makiyyah etc. Please explain his Transcendental Truth of Unity. Thank you. X
Iddah : (Q:1507) 1. What is the purpose in observing Iddha? Is it stricly to be followed in modern days by young and old alike? 2. Why is the duration of Iddha on the death of husband is longer than that observed a... X
Iddah : (Q:3623) when one is in idaat is it haram to think of remarrege after that??? and if it is 3rd taluq is it hopeless to make up with ones x????? X
Iddah Period: (Q:402) Assalamu Alaika Brother. I need fatwa on a matter of divorce. I haven't seen my husband for 11 months due to distance, and I am awaiting a divorce from him (sent via mail). Do I still need to wai... X
Iddah: (Q:40910) Can a non muslim woman married{didnt convert to islam after marriage} to a muslim man perform iddah after the death of her husband? X
Iddat : (Waiting period) When movement becomes necessary (Q:4496) Iddat :(Waiting period): When movement becomes necessary X
Iddat: (Waiting period) the reasons for (Q:4495) After a relative of mine was divorced, she had a new proposal. Because of certain circumstances, the man who has put in the proposal is in a hurry to get the marriage officially recorded. The problem ... X
ihherittance.: (Q:40338) As an inheritor I'm claiming my share of the house my father left us, however my mother is still allive and uses the house,she cant afford to compensate my share and the rest of my brothers and si... X
Ihraam: Covering of head (Q:4497) Last year I went to pilgrimage. During Ihraam, I unintentionally covered my head for a few moments on two separate occasions. I am told that I need to sacrifice a sheep in compensation. Is this true? X
Ihraam: Covering of right arm (Q:4498) In Umrah, we forgot to uncover our right shoulder during the sa'ie between As-Safa and Al-Marwah, but we recognized our mistake later on and did what was necessary. Do we need to compensate in any way... X
Ijtihad,Ifta',Takleed,Ittiba & talfeeq: (Q:2954) What is the difference between ijtihad,ifta',takliq,ittiba & talfiq & the rules of using them. X
Ijtihad: (Q:239) have Muslims closed the door of 'Ijtihad', innovation, or have they not? Orientalsists and Western scholars of the Faith assert we have many centuries ago, which I find to be utterly stupid. Muslims S... X
Illegal Copies: (Q:2193) I am from egypt. I want to know is it HALAL to copy software and books. X
Illegal Sexual Relationships: (Q:2294) Assalyamu-Alaykum! Would you be so please and help about one confused situation.The fact is that,I would like to know how our religion-ISLAM considers about an illegal sexual interrelationships,... X
Illegitimate Child: (Q:1155) Well,I am 22 yrs old and wish to know ...if my mum when married off my dad,who was at that time just converted to muslim in a civil manner consider legal in the law of Allah? My mum had to marry my d... X
Illegitimate child: (Q:4499) If a couple begets a child illegitimately, what is to be done? X
Illness preventing a good action : (Q:4500) Illness preventing a good action X
Illness, Death..: (Q:367) I am a hospital chaplain at St. Jude Children's Hospital. We have several children whose families are of your faith. Where can I find information about your views of illness, death, and the preparat... X
Imam Abu-Hanifah: (Q:1187) Assalamu-Alaikum, My question concerns the birthplace of Hazrat Imam Abu-Hanifa. Though it is widely known and accepted that he came from the area which is currently the Parwan province in Afghan... X
Imam Abu-Hanifah: (Q:1186) Assalamu-Alaikum, My question concerns the birthplace of Hazrat Abu-Hanifa. Though it is widely known and accepted that he came from the area which is currently the Parwan province in Afghanistan... X
Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim : (Q:2474) How do Imam Muslim and Bukhari differ from the 4 imams? X
Imam: (Q:1664) AS-SALAAM-ALAIKUM , I have undertaken to read every question and answer to try and FEEL WHAT GOING ON IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF MUMIEN and at the same time enrich my knowledge of THIS BEAUTIFUL RELI... X
Imam: (Q:524) salam alikum wa rahmatu allah i wanna ask you a personal question: where did you learn the islamic sharia? X
Imam: (Q:67) salaamu alaikum, i was always kinda skeptical about these online fatwa services. to make sure i'm receiving i sound islamic judgement, i'd just like to ask what are your qualifications? X
Imam: (Q:2875) Assalamu 'Alaikum, What is the proper form of action a Muslim should take when an Imam says something during a khutba (for example during Friday prayer) which the Muslim believes to be offensive t... X
Imam: (Q:2293) As-Salaam-Alaikum How is the Imam of a cummunity suppose to be chosen? Is there a place in the Qur'an that addresses the chosing of an Imam? Is there a Hadith that speaks about the method of select... X
Imam: (Q:464) 1) where is the location of the imam 2) can we ask quistions in arabic language X
Imam: (Q:7741) could u please tell me the role and function of the imam? this doing with my coursework so please do help me X
Imam: (Q:1379) When are you going to reply? Who is this Iman person? Is he from New York? X
Imam: (Q:564) Where did you get your Islamic knowledge? X
Imam: (Q:320) Assalamu Alaikum, please do not make this very good service look like a joke. If the Imam is very busy with other important things then either stop this UNIMPORTANT service, or make arrangements with ... X
Imam: (Q:2465) Salams When I pray at the mosque the imam who is egyptian pronounces the Geem as Gueem (egyptianally in prayers) should he be corrected or not X
Imam: (Q:610) Re:question No.609 below. Who are you? What are your qualifications to answer? Are you a scholar? How do we know that you're not a 'flaky' group? X
Imam: (Q:3384) I would like to the know the level of your islamic and regular education (conventional) X
Imam: (Q:6375) as salaamu alaikum brother....question???....I am trying to become an Imam....what is the best of ways to accomplish this???....as far as where to go...what to do first...insha-allah.... X
Imam: (Q:2925) Assalamu'alaykum I have a question regarding arrogance and becoming an imam. In my community there are a few Muslims that always assume that they are the "most noble and learned" of the Muslim... X
Imam: (Q:345) What is status of your Imam ? X
Imam: (Q:331) what's this thing with selecting questions to answer. What is this? What is this service? We have been waiting for so long. and what do we get? Neglectance. Okay, now when we sin, we'll blame you... X
Imam: (Q:6455) I need help, and its personal. So how can I ask Imam in private? Does he have a email adress? I emailed hadi@ something else, but the email went to a person called Dany, who were a spam controller. Ho... X
Imam: (Q:287) Brother, the answers you have given are totally incorrect and you are mis-leading sincere Muslims into doing haram actions. Imam Malik says that 'If you do not know the answer to a question, say' I do... X
Imam: (Q:431) I do not mean to sound rude of disrespectful but has the Imam (may Allah be pleased with him) gone on holiday? X
Imam: (Q:436) is there an imam available right now to answer my quetion please. jasak allah kull kair.and if so who? thanks X
Imam: (Q:442) asalaam Aleikum.This question service is very good, I think it is excellent that the Iman is sacrificing his time to answer questions, no matter how long it takes, as many people cannot turn to a... X
Imam: a Person who Commits Sins (Q:1197) Assalamu alaikum, Should one pray behind a man who is comitting one of the kabaer? ( this man admitted doing this kabira) I feel cheated praying behind him knowing what he's done! Jazakum Alla... X
Imam: Beard (Q:3397) Is the beard a condition for the person who delivers Friday Khotba.? X

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