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April 25, 2017 | Rajab 29, 1438
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Hadeeth: (Q:43394) is the hadeeth take half of your religion from Aisha saheeh X
Hadith books.: (Q:44275) Assalamualikum. How many books of hadith are there and please write all the names X
Hadith: (Q:6731) I had heard a hadith but could not find where it appears, or whether it is authentic. Can you confirm if there is a hadith which says something to the effect that: I am not afraid that you will int... X
Hadith: (Q:43350) What is the name of 1st hadith book? X
Hadith: (Q:2489) how do we know if hadith are really what the prophet (saws) really said? X
Hadith: (Q:1303) How are the hadith used in establishing Islamic Law? Jazak-Allah-Khair Imran X
Hadith: (Q:438) Please quote reference of hadith : Al-'Ilmo 'ilmaan, 'ilmul adyaan wa 'ilmul abdaan. Thanks. X
Hadith: (Q:2928) I am faced with a question which I cannot answer. The Prophet (pbuh) told us not to write anything down but the Qur'an (i.e. The Prophet said, "Do not write down anything from me except the Quran."[Ah... X
Hadith: (Q:1263) Assalamu 'alaikum wr wb. Would you please advise if this hadithsis still relevent today. It's from Muslim juz 6 sof 22mKitabul Imaroh. Man khola'a yadan min tho'atin laqiya Allhou yaumal qiamati la... X
Hadith: (Q:1304) As-salamu alaikum. What is the meaning of the hadeeth (?) which, I think, says that if the heart is sick the whole person is sick. Does it have to do with having empathy and sympathy for fellow hu... X
Hadith: (Q:912) I recently read the following Hadith from Sunan Abu-Dawud: Book 14, Number 2526: Narrated Anas ibn Malik: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Three things are the roots of faith: to re... X
Hadith: Books (Q:30032) Please name all the authentic books of Ahadis (Plural of hadith) X
Hadith: Fake (Q:34019) my relatives say that after washing the baby's clothes , i cant put them out in the balcony for drying after sunset, as the satan will urinate on baby's clothes, is this true. does he satan ... X
Hadith: Fake (Q:25635) I once saw a dua in a prayer book that said that if recited every Thursday or Friday night ( sorry i forgot which day ) for a few weeks would result in the appearance of The Holy Prophet in the reader... X
Hadith: Fake (Q:34036) We have been hearing a hadith since our childhood that the reward for good deeds - salath, zakath, etc is multiplied seventy times than in any other month. Now I was told that this is not a saheeh had... X
Hadith: Fake (Q:33503) Here is a saying sometimes attributed to Prophet Muhammad, sometimes to various teachers that translates as "Die before you die". The saying is "mutu qabla anta mutu". Did you see this in a haddes boo... X
Hadith: Fake (Q:32811) Whether reading "Salawat Naariya" is right or wrong? I heard that reading Salawat Naariya 4400 times along with Imam will give good things to the house and the family members life. Please give me your... X
Hadith: Fake (Q:33639) Assalaam aleikum Nabii idriss,he was a prophet of allah he was very friendly with a angels of the sun and one day he took him to show him the fire of jahannama, and the jananah as well, but when pro... X
Hadith: House Fly (Q:2761) I have come across a particularly difficult hadith to interpret. It is the following: Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said "If a house... X
Hadith: Importance of Authenticity (Q:26292) why is it important to enthuentucate each hadith? X
Hadith: Its meaning & authority (Q:4475) You often speak of the importance of Hadith and Sunnah. It is well known that the best compilations of Hadith are those made by the six famous scholars. However, I have read in some of these books rep... X
Hadith: Its meaning & authority (Q:5319) How to Distigush a Hadith is "Swahih" or "Laeef" (True or False)? What is the Conditions to look a Hadith is "Swahih" or "Laeef"? X
Hadith: Newly Born Baby (Q:2969) Dear Brother My Question is there hadith that says when woman labored baby you have to say adaam on baby's right Ear and Iqama on his/her Left ear, X
Hadith: One Third (Q:33476) Salamalaikum imam,there is a hadith narrated by abu huraira in which Allah's apostle has said "When it is last third of night,our Lord,the Blessed & Supreme,descends to the lowermost heaven of the... X
Hadith: Only One Cast... (Q:1857) The Hadith which states that only one cast out of the 73 will go to paradise. Does it mean one cast that exists on this Earth, or one cast that will be formed , which will consist of the rightous peo... X
Hadith: pessimism (Q:797) Assalam a'laikum.......can you please explain this hadith: { No pessimism but in three things:the house,the woman wife and the horse}.I am asking because after my brother bought a new car , has b... X
Hadith: regarding the firqatul-najiah- comments (Q:142) Aslaamu alaikum. In saheeh Al-Bukhaari there is a hadeeth in which it is mentioned FIRQAT=UL-NAJEE'A(i.e the saved group).Could you please tell me who or what is the saved group?I know this saved... X
Hadith: Sahih Bukhari Volume1 Book 6 # 300 (Q:2996) Salam Alaikum I was reading Hadiths by Sahih Bukhari. And in hadith volume 1 book 6 number 300, it says and I quote "narrated Maimuna "when ever Allah's apostle wanted to fondle any of his wi... X
Hadith: Splitting Into Groups (Q:2029) Assalam u alaikum question: PROPHET said in His hadis " jews were split into 71 sects, christians split into 72 sects and my Ummat will split into 73 sects and only one sect will go to heaven and the... X
Hadith: Taking Qur’an & Leaving Sunnah (Q:2836) I have recently been approached by a friend who sayd that he is a pro Ahsanal Hadiis. They believe that the Quran contains everything there is to know about Islam and there should not be recourse to t... X
Hadith: the face is the most god-like part of the man- is it true and/or what does it mean? (Q:69) assalamu alaikum, in a hadith i read, it stated that the face was the most god-like part of the man. What does the Hadith mean by this? X
Hadith: Woman & Husband (Q:3028) Assalaam Alaikum, I found the following hadith and I would like to know if you could explain it to me: Abu Huraira(Allah be pleased with him) reported the Messenger of Allah(SAW) said: If I ... X
Hadith: Women as Leaders (Q:2983) I would like to know the opinion of Islam regarding this matter: We recently elected a new comittee for MSA( muslim student association, A college based organization) The elected president was a si... X
Hadith: Women Created from Ribs... (Q:1513) Assalamaleikum, I have a question regarding a couple of hadith that I am having trouble understanding...The first states Allahs Messenger PBUH said The woman is like a rib; if you try to straight... X
Hadiths: Conditions established for authenticity (Q:4476) Is there any Hadith which is included in the two collections of Al-Bukhari and Muslim which can be described as "weak"? X
Hadiths: Revelations or intuitions (Q:4477) If Hadith is not revelation, can it be termed as "lofty intuition"? X
Hadiths: Their authenticity (Q:4478) When I read Hadiths in some of the six compilations of authentic Hadiths, I have strong doubts about the authenticity of some Hadiths included in them. How is it that inauthentic Hadiths were included... X
Hair Removal : (Q:6888) is it halal to use laser hair removal on your face X
Hair Removal: (Q:5656) Assalamu Alaikum- I am wondering if it is permissible for Muslim women to have their pubic hair removed by a professional at a salon. Is it OK for a female professional to wax a Muslim woman as long... X
Hair Removal: (Q:5700) Assalamu-alaikum w.r.b.k. I read that in Hadith Sahih Bukhari Vol. 8 that Allah(SWT) curse is on the women who removes facial.a hair but in your Q & A you have said one can pluck out of eyebrows whic... X
Hair Removal: (Q:5428) is it ok to remove hair for a man/woman in armpits,private parts etc with the use of LASER as it will permanently remove it(wont grow again)? X
Hair Removal: Eyebrows (Q:6453) ASALAM-U-LAIUKUM, I want to know that can muslim women remove hairs from their faces if those hairs resembles like those of men?and especially can they make shape or remove extra hairs from around... X
Hair Removal: Eyebrows (Q:6282) assalamalaikum.i am a 20yr old girl.i used to shape my eyebrows regularly until recently but have stopped now after learning that those who do so are denied entry into jannah.now here's the real p... X
Hair Removal: Waxing (Q:5812) assalamoalaikum dear imam. i wanted to ask that if waxing is allowed by taking the help of another women...in islam? X
Hair removing.: (Q:42358) I want to ask as my wife want to know that Under Arms hair or pubic hairs are allowed in Islam to remove them with Razor (Blade)??? And In male only Razor is allowed or any other option is available? X
hair rtransplant: (Q:43476) Please suggest me about hair transplant X
Hair: (Q:8081) salama lakaam is it ok for womens to cute hair if they have alots of splite ends that damages hair? X
Hair: (Q:5525) I am a new shahaadah and my hair is natural. I have nubian locks & would like to know if it is prohibited for me to wear under my scarf? Should I cut them out? X
Hair: Dread Locks (Q:28536) Is dread locks allowed in Islam, for both men and women. I mean if you have a long hair falling to your back. It is mostly common amongst the carribeans.(Jamaicans)I would like to know if it is Hallal... X

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