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March 30, 2017 | Rajab 3, 1438
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Face Cover - Niqab - Khimar: (Q:3952) Bimiallah Alrahman Alrahim My question is concerning the covering up of a womens face.Not about if they have to or not,but about a women who after puberty covered here face in public all the t... X
Fahisha & Fawahish- Major Sins: (Q:2228) I would be very grateful if you could provide me (preferably by e-mail)in depth explanation of the quran chapter 53 verse 31-32. In particular 1)What's the difference between fawahish and faahishah 2)... X
FAITH, AND MANNERS.: (Q:40444) Alslam Alekum WarhmtuAllah wa brkatuh I am a college student in New York, In our college we have an MSA (Muslim Student Association), we are provided with two rooms for the brothers and sisters. we ... X
faith: (Q:39330) Salaam For the past few months I have gone through a phase of dounting islam, believing and doubting again. I have for many months felt like a hypocrite. I have had days where I believe and then wak... X
faith: (Q:41262) Salam brother,Is it allowed to listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran while one is in ghusal. X
Faith: (Q:41270) What are the Liberal and Moderate (as in less strict) branches/sects of Islam? X
faith: (Q:39993) Assalamalaikum dear respected scholars! I am having a VERY, VERY, VERY hard time to come closer to ALLAH s.w.t Like when I need ALLAH s.w.t I will call out to him, and when he has blessed me I than... X
faith: (Q:41261) Salam brother, my question is that is it allowed to touch quran while one is not state of wudu, i have quran in mobile so when i am not in wudu can i pick it up? X
faith: (Q:36896) Assalamualaikum Iman, I am feeling depressed over unemployment for one year. Initially, i make full use of my time to devote to Allah. But for the past one month i have slackened. I am feeling ver... X
Faith: (Q:41389) I was reading about the Prophet of Islam and I keep running across the name here in America "The Honorable Prophet Elijah Mohammed" but on the actual Muslims sites it only refers to The Prophet by the... X
faith: (Q:39456) what happens if we forget to pray the 2 rak'aat nafl for the 10th of muhhurum, is this prayer valid if i pray it the next day/night? X
Faith: (Q:39715) Salaam u alaikum, Can you please explain the term of "Sabr", is the sabr meaning of being patient.. just patient. how should one practice Sabr incase of any discomfort. X
Faith: (Q:5529) Asslam o Alikum... I am having trouble beleiveing in God...I have abided by his rules till now but I see people around me who are dishonest and still have perfect lives. Please do not ignore this qu... X
Faith: (Q:38434) ??assalam alaikum.I try to be more religious nowadays.Im addicted to music but ??I stopped though ?I started again recently.??I have been listenning to recitations because ?I get tired immediately ??I... X
Faith: (Q:38556) Assalamu Aleikum , My son is in the advertising industry and was debating whether to take on a job on advertising ALCOHOL , we all told him not to take the job as according to Islamic sheria it is dis... X
Faith: (Q:38854) asalamoalaikum sir i have heard that 14th century of islamic calender is the last . Is this true , any referances?? X
Faith: (Q:40409) Dear Imam, I will keep this fairly short, as you must be answering alot of other questions, and this is just one of many. My question is this. As muslim brothers, and followers of Islam, how do ... X
Faith: (Q:40311) Salam Alaykum my two sisters were Catholic, reverted to Islam, felt lost so they prayed to Allah to guide them if they are following wrong religion or even have dream of a Prophet Such as Isa(Jesus)Pe... X
Faith: (Q:33848) Assalamu'alaykum,i'm confused,i want to know the authentic answer about the death of daughter of prophet of Allah fatimat the beloved daughter of prophet,because some sect claimed that she kil... X
Faith: (Q:34567) what does the Holy Quaran mean when it refers to 'non belivers'.Does that mean non muslim or does it mean people who dont believe in god X
Faith: (Q:40347) Do the Sheia cosidered as muslims, if not why X
Faith: Prayers times (Q:38022) why does we muslims pray in a prescribed ( decided) time? X
Faith: Actions (Q:7461) Are actions part of Faith? X
Faith: Astrology vs Astronomy (Q:34190) Salam. I want to know the ruling on reading zodiac signs to learn about personality of a person born in a specific month. I do know horoscopes are haram , because it deals with prediction of future.... X
Faith: Attributes of ALLAH swt (Q:31233) Dear Sir, I have heard that Allah's names are very Jallali and one should consult an Alim before adopting them as Wazifa, please let me know if all the names are Jalali or only some need consulta... X
Faith: bad owmen from owels (Q:34594) asalam alaikum . i recently got ywo baby owls home .! but my relatives said that owls are really bad luck they said that watcing an owl is a bad omen . i asked my mother to confirm , she called IREF... X
faith: birth control (Q:37809) Assalam alaikum, I got married 4 years ago and alhamdulillah have a daughter now. I am currently in talk with my wife about the second child, but I am not really interest in 2nd child. However, I know... X
FAITH: Buying a home. (Q:38287) My mother has a house on Riba.She would like to put it in my sons name so the state of NY doesnt take it when she [dies or any other related situation) into a nursing home. I was wondering if my son ... X
Faith: child burial (Q:37800) salam alaekunm,pls tell me how to berry muslim child.or are we go to them as adult X
faith: Children of Muslim husband and Christian wife (Q:38012) what a muslim man do when he have kids with a christain woman? do they get marry or go there separate ways what happen to the kids X
Faith: Deeds responsibility (Q:35520) no bearer of burdens canbear the burdenof another plase tell me what that mean X
Faith: Destiny (Q:6681) A.O.A! actually, it seems that i have asked 4 questions but they relate eachother so i am writing at once. 1- i need to know about the "DESTINY OF A MAN". Is destiny of a man is written strictly, ... X
Faith: Destiny (Q:33229) salam alaikum, i have read all your answers regarding qadar(destiny) please can you tell me if whether you will marry or not in this life also predestined by Allah like life, death, risq, i have been ... X
Faith: Destiny (Q:7204) My question is about Destiny (Qesmat) in Islam. What abt marriage? How far is it Destiny and how far do you have the choice? Is it written to whom you should marry or do you have the choice? Thank y... X
Faith: Destiny (Q:7317) a|a, my question is regarding to imani mufasil, where it is written that good or bad what ever happens is in taqdeer, and all happens by allah will, if a man is doing then any bad thing why is he been... X
Faith: Destiny (Q:26300) Assalamu alaikum 9:51 Say: "Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our protector": and on Allah let the Believers put their trust. Please tell me if verse 51 from ... X
Faith: Different opinions of different scholars (Q:38252) I have seen shafi people have duwa- kunooth in fajar namaz, while hanafi don't. How come these differences when we follow same sunnath ? which is correct? X
faith: Different time zones (Q:39337) Something has been worrying me for the past two month. And here is my DILEMMA . during Ramadhan on the last 10 days people do look for LAYLATUL QADRI . But since we have different time zone. e.g... X
Faith: Family in Paradise (Q:33796) if a couple are both admitted into paradise will they live together like they did on earth or can they atleast see each other whenever they want to? X
Faith: Forgiveness (Q:6876) Assalamu-alaikum. I have a suni-khoja friend who is very very intelligent, but he seems to have some odd beliefs especially about 'waseelah' and 'universal' forgiveness. He is a staunc... X
faith: Hadith (Q:37727) Must I follow Hadith X
Faith: Hijab (Q:38486) Salam. I just wanted to know that is muslim girls were actually commanded by allah in the quran about wearing a hijab. I started wearing one 5 days ago but i have also heard that allah gives no punish... X
Faith: Hijab wearing. (Q:39960) Salam. I have to ask you a very personal question that I have had for a long time. Ok so my mom went to hajj and she and my sister started wearing the hijab. I didnt. then everyone kind of forced me t... X
faith: Home loans (Q:37811) Assalam alaikum. Ribah is haram in islam. I have home loan credit cards and some personal bank loans. What does islam say of it? If i am guilty what do i do now? X
Faith: Ihsan (Q:33729) what is the true meaning of ehsaan?how can we implement ehsaan(perfection) in our daily life,specially in todays modern era? X
Faith: Ill Thoughts (Q:34393) please help me i'm suffering i'm 19 years old and i'm suffering of bad thoughts i cant tolerate them and i cry alot i'm scared that im not amuslim anymore i want to tell you of my bad ... X
Faith: Illegitimate child (Q:38208) what does Islam says about illegitimate child? X
Faith: Importance of Hadith or Sunnah (Q:33264) What is importance of Hadith with the referance of Quran X
Faith: Importance of Sunnah or Hadith (Q:27069) Dear Sir/Madam, Asalam Au Alakium I have a friend who chooses not to believe in Hadith. He used to follow the Hadith until he ran into one (apprantly by a valid/credible source) that he (and the... X
Faith: Innovations (Q:5797) salaam my question is imam are we allowed to say ya rasool or ya ali? X

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