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April 30, 2017 | Sha`ban 4, 1438
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Ba'it or "Pledges of loyalty" to spiritual leaders: (Q:1836) As-SAlaam u alaikum br. Is giving your bayia neccessary to all leaders that claim to be muslims. For example King of Saudia or King of Egypt. Subsequently are we to oust such leaders from their pos... X
Ba'it or "Pledges of loyalty" to spiritual leaders: (Q:4282) In a book entitled "Saviors of Islamic spirit" by Abul-Hassan Ali Nadwi, the practice of taking a pledge of loyalty, or ba'it is mentioned in the chapter on Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani as something that... X
Babri Mosque and killing by Muslims: (Q:4283) At the time when the Babri Mosque was destroyed by Hindus and there were many casualties in communal conflict, certain questions were in my mind. A Muslim should be ready to protect anything which rel... X
baby hair cut.: (Q:44952) is it necessary to shave a baby GIRLS head on the 7th day or is this just for boys as there are conflicting answers on all websites. X
Baby Shower : (Q:3267) Al-salam alikum My question is regarding baby shower where gifts are bought and given to the mother to be before delivery Is this habit allowed in Islam knowing the severe affect on the mother if ... X
Back biting or Ghiba: (Q:1883) asalam malikum,imam sab,I have ,question. the question is,let's say if i back bite about someone,but i say it in his face,is that comitting a sin. X
Back biting or Ghiba: (Q:3020) lets say if you can say somthing bad about the person in his face,so you can say it in behind his back.will that be backbiting X
Back biting or Ghiba: (Q:498) My question is on BACK BITING. Well, I would like to know if there is any limit to it. What I mean is that, when you talk about the President of the United States and call him a coward , well is ... X
Back biting or Ghiba: (Q:2103) asslamlikuk,i got aquestion,lets say if i back bite about my friend,but i say in my friends face,isthat back bitting or not X
Backbiting or honest testimony: (Q:4284) It is well known that Islam forbids backbiting. What if a person happens to be dishonest or a petty thief? Should not people be warned of the fact, so that they be on their guard when they deal with h... X
Backward : (Q:2254) Why we Muslim cause of backward as compare to other religion, IS BECAUSE WE ARE MUSLIM ? X
Bad Dreams: (Q:831) As-salamu alaikum. What is the significance, if any, when a Muslim has bad dreams at night? If the dream involves doing a haram activity and feeling guilty about it in the dream, even though I nev... X
Bad Site: (Q:3416) Please look at this site in which the guy changed the verses of the Coran and says it is the coran http://members.aol.com/suralikeit/ X
Bad Site: (Q:760) whist surfing the web I noticed that one site, I won't name it but you may know of it says that Islam's God is a moon god. It goes on to say that Bait-ulllah is a idole place. The Kaba/Bait-... X
Bad Site: (Q:3382) While I was browsing the web I found the following site: http://members.aol.com/suralikeit I found a direct insul to all muslims and thier beleives..A guy has formed what he so called "Sura" like th... X
Bad Thoughts: (Q:2571) Essalemou aleikom wa rahmatou ALLAH taala wa baraketouhou, Dear Brothers: My problem is that sometimes i imagine very bad things, this imaginations comes so fast that i can't escape them for a few... X
Baha'is Islamic View: (Q:791) I have talked to people who are Baha'is and state that it is the fulfillment of all the religions on earth. which means that a new cycle has begun. accoding to the Q'uran is this so? X
Baiatul Ridhwan: (Q:2758) In which year was the treaty of BAIT AL RIDHWAN made. X
Banj loan for buying home.: (Q:42062) Asalamu alaikum, we leave in the capital city of nigeria wher the cost of renting an apartment is very high.There is this house meant for sale in the neighbourhood but we dont have the cash to buy.I ... X
Bank employees - and prayer at Bank's premises: (Q:4285) Some magazine contained an article saying that the fact that a bank pays and receives interest on its loans and deposits makes it forbidden to pray there. How does a bank employee solve this problem. ... X
Bank interest and an acceptable arrangement: (Q:4286) There is no doubt about the fact that usury is forbidden. However, Qur'anic reference to usury speaks of doubling and multiplying the capital as a result of usurious transactions. The Hadith suggests ... X
Bank Interest: (Q:5670) slaam,i was about to stop my bank giving interest to me when a brother said you dont have to as you are living in a land of war this taken as jizya.is this true?can you please explain this in detail f... X
Bank: Accounts (Q:3453) what do you thing of the bank's system ,that consist on putting his money there. X
Bank: Accounts (Q:1700) Alslam alykom warahmto allah wabarkato. My question is is it ok to have a bank account with an bank that doesn't follow the rules (shariah)of islam. what about cridet cards, are they ok to use kn... X
Bank: Borrowing Interest (Q:1085) what is islam's ruling concerning bank interest? X
Bank: Borrowing Money (Q:344) I need references or opinion about how we raise capital money without borrowing from banks? How the early moslims controlled the moved the economy? X
Bank: Electronic deposits of paychecks (Q:3904) I work for the government and can only recieve my pay via electronic deposit, meaning my money goes to banks. I wanted to know if there are any Muslim banks that can accept these deposits into a ... X
Bank: Islamic, Halal Investment (Q:1277) Is ther any product available where a muslim can keep his money and it is free from Riba (Interest) Is there any organisation which provide safe method of halal investment in international marke... X
Bank: Islamic- is there any in California? (Q:11) Is there any islamic bank in california ?. X
Bank: Mortgage (Q:6717) I live in a country where the price of land is very high and it is very difficult to purchase out of ones own resources. There are no Islamic finacial organisations present in our country and I would ... X
Bank: Saving Accounts (Q:2657) Can you please comment on the concept of an Islamic Bank - does it mean that we as muslims are not allowed to have savings accounts in any other comercial banks? X
Bank: working (Q:6503) Salamu calaykum warahmatullah wabarakaatu. My question is; is workin g in the bank as a teller haraam? X
Bank: working (Q:2650) As 'Salaamu 'Alaikum, i have been working with a bank (non-Islamic system) for almost 20 years, married with 5 children. what will be my position in Islam on the following? (a) my earnings t... X
Bank: working (Q:2265) I am working in a bank so I would like to know if this is haram and if I will go to hill[jahanam] for this and is all my pray accepted if I am working to bank I am planning to take a loan from the... X
Banking, An overview of the system: (Q:4287) Are 'riba' and interest synonymous? There exists a general impression that transactions involving all forms of interest are forbidden in Islam. Perhaps an international debate amongst Muslim scholars ... X
Bankruptcy: (Q:1638) Is it haram to file bankruptcy? X
Bankruptcy: (Q:3365) I declared bankrupty few years ago.I'm traying to contact these people to see if they will accept payement. What should I do if they can't exept payement after that the court ruled and granted me ... X
Bankruptcy: (Q:1731) Assalamun-alaykum. I would like to know if declaring bankrupcy in the American way is permissible. Thank you for your prompt reply. Barakallahu-feekum, was-salaamu-alaykum. X
Bankruptcy: (Q:2464) i have teaked monye from my Visa Acc to get maried * $30.000.00 and i cant pay it back can i do Bank Rabsy and would this monye do i have to pay it back X
Barber: (Q:3357) AS SALAAM ALAIKUM Im a barber and Imake my livelyhood by cutting none muslims beards off is this against Islam X
Basic Beliefs of Muslims: (Q:2358) Where can I find pictures about the basic beliefs of Islam X
Basmalah: (Q:3096) Since my childhood I have been tought by my parents and my madressa teachers that before you recite any surah from the quran you must always start with bismillah-irahman-iraheem. All the surah is the... X
Bath with pants on: (Q:4288) :Some people insist on having their pants on when they take a bath for grand ablution. Is this correct? X
Bathists: (Q:3186) Are Bathists in Iraq and Syria considered from AhlulKitab? X
Bayat (or pledge), following Mazhab, Tabligh & Salafi Brothers.: (Q:809) Asalaamu'alaikum... Since my wife and I accepted Islam 18yrs ago, AlhamduLiLah, there are some quite interesting points that have come up over the years.... a few of the most profound and definitely... X
Be a Good Muslim in America: (Q:1278) how can i go to an american, and be a good musliim all at the same time? X
Be a Good Muslim: (Q:2448) Salaam wa leikum Lately I have not been performing my prayers regularly. My heart is never content and I am always faced with many problems. I want to know how I should make myself become a better mu... X
Beard, Long Hair: (Q:3487) Salaam-u-alikum, Keeping a beard is sunnah, besides that is there any other reason for keeping a beard? Did our Prophat(P.B.U.H) had long hair or short? If we keep our hair like his will that be a ... X
Beard: (Q:3611) Are Muslim men required to grow beards or is it optional? I have heard from some that it is obligatory, but others say that it is the Sunnah. What is your view and why is there a difference of opinion... X

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