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May 28, 2016 | Sha`ban 20, 1437
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 Welcome to IslamiCity Radio

Stream IslamiCity Anywhere!  It's free!

IslamiCity provides access to thousands of hours of quranic recitations, news, sermons, spoken word, information, music tunes and comedy.  Now you have access to it wherever you go directly from your web enabled mobile device! Simply download a MP3 streaming or ShoutCast compatible player to your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smartphone and select from our directory of streaming stations.  It's that easy! IslamiCity does not charge extra to stream any of it's audio content however carrier data rates may apply.  Please join us in making this free service available by offering a small donation.  Thank you!


Station Description M3U XSPF
Quran Channel Quranic recitation by Shaikh Abdul Baset - followed by English translation
ICTunes Channel Islamically inspired music and tunes - powered by ICTunes!
KSA Sunnah Madinah
(in Arabic)
Live audio stream of Saudi TV's Sunnah channel (24 Hours live coverage of Masjid Al-Nabawi, Madinah, including Taraweeh & 5 Daily Prayers there. If it's not the time for  prayer  you will hear hadith recitation)
KSA Quran Makkah
(in Arabic)
Live audio stream of Saudi TV's Quran channel (24 Hours live coverage of Masjid Al-Haram, Makkah, including Hajj, Taraweeh & 5 Daily Prayers there. If it's not the time for  prayer  you will hear Quran recitation)

More Stations Coming Soon!

Compatible Players:
IslamiCity Live Streams have been tested on a wide range of handsets, carriers, and applications.  Unfortunately our service still might not work correctly depending upon your network, device, operating system, and location.

  App Required/Works Works using included browser
Palm OS    
Not all devices have been confirmed to work.  Please let us know your experience.

 Additional Audio Programs

RA 90 - Adhan & Prayers

RA 100 - Quran Recitation (Hussary)

RA 101 - Quran Recitation (Baset)

RA 102 - Quran Recitation (Selected - Sa'dullah)

RA 110 - Quran Recitation (Selected)

RA 115 - Quran Recitation (Taraweeh in Makkah)

RA 150 - Quran Recitation with English (Basit & Eaton)

RA 152 - Quran Recitation with English (Ayub & Hall)
RA 153 - Quran Picktall English Translation Spoken by Aslam Azhar

RA 155 - Quran Recitation with English (Basit & Sadiq - Partial)

RA 156 - Quran Recitation with Urdu (Qasmi)

RA 157 - Quran Recitation with Urdu (Sodais)

RA 158 - Quran Recitation with Bangla (Huthaify)

RA 159 - Quran Recitation with Korean (Sodais)

RA 170 - Quran Recitation (Al-Manshawi)

RA 180 - Quran Tafseer in English (Siddiqi)

RA 190 - Forty Selected Hadith with English

RA 200 - Islamic Teaching Series (Badawi)

RA 201 - Islamic Teachings (Sakr)

RA 202 - Islam & Science (Yahya)

RA 500 - Anasheed & Qasidahs

RA 501 - Islamic Poetry

RA 600 - Understanding Islam

RA 622 - Islam & Christianity Debates (Deedat)
RA 800 - Audio Articles
RA 801 - Audio History

RA 1100 - Special Programs

RA 1101 - Community Programs

RA 1200 - Children's Programs

RA 1210 - Islamic Programs in Urdu

RA 1400 - Special Programs in Farsi

RA 1500 - Voice of Islam

RA 1510 - Khutbahs (Abdul-Rahman)

RA 5000 - World Links


Al-Asmaaul Husna (Ninety Nine Names of Allah)

 Featured Channels
  Series A: Monotheism

Adhan from Masjid-e-Aqsa

Quran Recitations
by Shaikh Khalil Hussary
by Imam Sa'dullah Khan
by Shaikh Al-Manshawi
by Shaikh Abdul Baset

Quran Translations
in English (Muhammad Ayub)
in Urdu (Zafar Qasmi)
in Bangla (Huthaify)
in Korean (Sodais)

Tala'al badru alaina



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Inside Radio
RA 90 - Adhan

RA 100 - Hussary
RA 101 - Baset
RA 102 - Sadullah
RA 110 - Selected
RA 115 - Sodais
RA 150 - Bari/Eaton
RA 152 - Ayub/Hall
RA 153 - Picktall
RA 155 - Baset/Sadiq

RA 156 - Urdu
RA 157 - Sodais/Urdu
RA 158 - Bangla
RA 159 - Korean

RA 170 - Manshawi
RA 180 - Tafseer
RA 190 - Hadith

RA 200 - Teachings1
RA 201 - Teachings2
RA 202 - Science1
RA 500 - Qasidahs
RA 501 - Poetry
RA 600 - Islam101
RA 622 - Debates

RA 800 - Articles
RA 801 - History

RA 1100 - Special
RA 1101 - Community
RA 1200 - Children
RA 1210 - Urdu
RA 1400 - Farsi
RA 1500 - Voice
RA 1510 - Khutbah
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