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About the Muslim Public Affairs Council

The Muslim Public Affairs Council is a public service agency working for the civil rights of American Muslims, for the integration of Islam into American pluralism, and for a positive, constructive relationship between American Muslims and their representatives. MPAC was founded in 1988 as a non-profit social welfare organization with a 501c(4) tax status.

MPAC intends to build the American Muslim constituency and make this body an influential component in US politics. MPAC is a non-partisan body that works on all levels of the policy-making arena - local, county, state, and national. It is not affiliated or attached to any government agency.

MPAC aims to achieve a positive relationship with other groups in order to promote values shared with Islam, which are based on ethical principles, justice and equality, irrespective of race, gender, color or creed. MPAC endeavors to make Islamic ethical values available to the American political process. On account of the leadership role America exercises in the world, MPAC is also concerned with upholding these values in the international arena.

What does MPAC do?

MPAC organizes special events frequently to promote the interaction between Muslims and community leaders. Programs entail meetings with presidential candidates, entertainers and local elected officials. MPAC also sponsors regional meetings to determine the needs of its constituents.

MPAC's main operations encompass media monitoring, contact with legislators, decision-makers and cooperation with other religious and ethnic organizations.

What has MPAC accomplished?

Delegate Selection and National Political Conventions

  • Organized the Muslim community to attend political party assemblies and elect delegates for the state and national conventions
  • Encouraged Democrats and Republicans to initiate a dialogue with Muslims
  • Helped set up hospitality suites at both Democratic and Republican state conventions
  • Expanded research efforts and established MPAC as a critical resource for decision-makers while developing substantial channels through the media and public offices

Research Position Papers Published

  • Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Territories
  • Islam in Central Asia
  • Violence against American Muslims
  • Periodicals (Counterterrrorism Chronicle, MPAC Action Alerts)
  • Editorials printed in major news publications including The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Orange County Register, and The Los Angeles Daily News
  • Ran television ads across the country and placed ads (see right) to rally support of Congress' vote to lift the arms embargo against Bosnia
  • Interviews broadcast on Nightline, NBC, CNN, and C-SPAN
  • In Washington, at the US Congress and State Department, for human rights
  • In Sacramento, to correct misinformation about Islam
  • At city halls, to secure development of new community centers
Special Events
  • Symposium on "American International Interests and the Muslim World" with Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Ambassador William Sullivan and Ambassador Frederick Eilts
  • Seminars with nearly a dozen members of Congress on the political involvement of the Muslim community
  • Dinner reception for Los Angeles Times political cartoonist, Paul Conrad
  • Entertainment awards banquet for Morgan Freeman and the producers of "Robin Hood", Spike Lee and the crew of "Malcolm X", basketball player Hakeem Olaijowan, journalist Lindsay Miller, and playwright Peter Sellars for portraying a positive image of Islam



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