1979 by Jamal A. Badawi

The idea of compile a book of dua (supplication) developed in the summer of 1977 in the course of my participation in the Imam Training Programs.

It was then that several brothers and sisters expressed the wish that the dua which they were learning orally might well be published in a booklet to be made available to all who wished to recite, and benefit from them.

How was it compiled

  • Chapter 1 was compiled following a review of the Qur'an and taking note of the versus (ayat) or its portions which constitute dua. These were then studied and classified under their main subject headings.

  • The remaining dua in chapters 2,3 and 4 were selected and compiled from Hasan Al-Banna's Al-Mathoorat, an excellent collection of dua.
    The order of some dua in Chapters 3 and 4 differ slightly from that in Al-Mathoorat.
  • A word about the footnotes... Each note indicates the source of the dua and in some cases gives a brief comment on it. The number of each note refers to the serial number of the dua in the text.
  • Br. Anwar Beg, Editor of Publications in the ITC has been very helpful in editing this work and in other related matters.
  • To Sister Sherena El-Fayoumy goes the credit of accurate and difficult typing especially in the transliterations.

    Jamal Badawi, 1979.

  • Introduction

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