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In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Library of Selected Islamic Literature

Introduction for Non-Muslims

Islam: The True Religion
Introduction to Islam I
Introduction to Islam II
The Muslim Belief
About Islam and Muslims
The Prerequisites of the Declaration of Faith

Fundamental Beliefs in Islam

Basics of Islam and Being a Muslim
Islamic Articles of Faith
General Prescripts of Belief in the Qur'an and Sunnah
The Fundamentals of Tawheed
Ketab (Book) At-Tawheed
An Explanation of the Perfect Names and Attributes of Allah
Tawhid: Faith in the Unity of God
The Effects of Tawhid on Human Life
The Finality of Prophethood
Confirmation That Judaism And Christianity Are Forms Of Disbelief
Signs of The Last Day

Islam & Other Religions

Christ In Islam
Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World
The God That Never Was
What the Bible Says about Muhammad (pbuh)
Resurrection or Resuscitation ?
What is the sign of Jonah?
Let the Bible Speak
Corruption of the Torah
Muslim's Survival Guide to Christmas
Did Jesus and Isaiah Prophesy the coming of Muhammad (pbuh) ?
'Islam and The West', Speech by The Prince of Wales

Prophet Muhammad (pbhh) Foretold in Indian Scriptures - I
Prophet Muhammad (pbhh) Foretold in Indian Scriptures - II

Book Reviews

Science and Islam


Economics and Islam


A Brief Chronology of Muslim History
The Rightly-Guided Caliphs
Mamluk Bibliography (University of Chicago)
Muslim Scientists
Turkish History


Islamic Law


Moon-god Myth & Other Deceptive Attacks On Islam


The Muslim Khilafa
The Legacy of Husayn and Karbala


Middle East Document Center (University of Chicago)
LibInfo on Middle East (University of Chicago)


The Moral System of Islam
Human Rights In Islam

Women In Islam

Women In Islam
Women In Islam Articles, etc.
Women in Islam vs. Judaeo-Christian Tradition: The Myth & The Reality
Viel Is Not Oppressive