In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Fun Games for The Muslim Family

Small Groups

Naming: Everyone in the group takes turns in naming one item in decided category. 
                  If you can't name something on your turn, you are out. (eg- names of sahaba,
                  names if cities in Muslim world, name of surahs, etc...)
                  A more challenging version is to name an item only if it starts with the same
                  letter that item ended with

Nuh(a. s)'s Ark: One person privately thinks of general category ( eg- words that have an
                            "a" in them, words that are five letter long, things that are green ). Each
                            person says a word which he/she hopes is within that category. If it is,
                            "Nuh" will let him into the ark; if it is not, the person must wait until 
                            his/ her next turn to guess again. The people who are not in the ark
                            after 2 (or  3) rounds will "drown".

Haram Letter: The quizmaster declares one ( or two ) letters of the alphabet to be
                          haram. He/she will ask each person in the group a different question.
                          They must answer it in 10 seconds without using the haram letter (s). 
                          If they do, they get a sin (just kidding--they are out).

Story Building: The first person in the group says a word. Other people in turn add on a
                            word to follow the last one so that a sentence is built. As the sequence
                            continues, a whole story will be composed!
                            A more challenging version is when everyone must contribute two
                            phrases at a time, but your first phrase must rhyme with the previous
                            phrase. (eg-
"We set our tent in a field, because we were about to camp, but the
                                      grass was very damp. Then came the wind and rain.

Hafiz's Game: One person in the group start off a list of something ( eg- items bought at
                           a store, or a movement ). Then the next person in in line repeats the last
                           words ( or does the last movements), and adds a new one to the list.
                           Each person must repeat the previous list and add one. If you make a
                           mistake you are out.

Have a camera handy :)